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DIY chicken stock

Homemade Chicken Stock

My mother would no sooner toss out a roasted chicken carcass than she would rob a bank. Consequently, neither would I. But I'm shocked at the number of roast chicken remains I've seen go in the trash over the years (mind you, I've rescued some, too). Is it because the cooks don't know how to […] Read More

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Five Ways to use Beet Greens

I pulled the first beets out of the garden the other day. I'm not a beet grower and have only just added beets to our dinner repertoire, so this is new to me. I cut off the greens and headed to the compost pile when it occurred to me that hey, these are edible too! […] Read More

June Challenge – One Local Ingredient a Day

I've written about our goal of including at least one locally produced ingredient in each of our dinners. As farmers market season kicks off in the USA and gardens begin to offer up some produce, I invite you to commit to doing something similar. (If you're in another part of the world, this may be […] Read More

Make Your Own Vanilla

I've been meaning to make my own vanilla for ages, but I keep forgetting. My husband (the baker in the family) sees that we're low and picks up a big bottle at Costco, perpetuating a vicious vanilla cycle. Every bottle we get from the store is one more piece of plastic that we have to […] Read More

Reminder: Last Day to Enter to Win a PlanetBox

If you haven't entered to win the PlanetBox lunchbox I'm giving away, there's still time - but not much. Today is the last day! Full details on how to enter are on the original post. Contest closes at 6pm Thursday, May 19, 2011, Hawaii time. PS: It is a really cool lunch box […] Read More

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes -- zero waste lunch

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes

I received a PlanetBox for review purposes. If you send kids off to school every day, you know just how hard it is to pull together a zero-waste lunch. And if you're trying to skip plastic? That doubles the difficulty. Enter PlanetBox! Made of stainless steel, the hinged lunch box opens to reveal five individual compartments […] Read More


Homemade Refried Beans to Rival Rosarita

Over the years I've tried repeatedly to make refried beans from scratch, but my family has been only lukewarm about my attempts, preferring their old standby Rosarita brand refried beans. Rosarita beans are sold in cans that have bpa in the lining. Not cool. But my kids love refried beans, so I found myself torn […] Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

[…] Read More

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Growing Carrots: A Tip from Grandpa

Carrots are not guaranteed a spot in my garden, but when space allows, I utilize a little of my Grandpa's wisdom. One thing that's crucial when starting carrots is that they have constant moisture as they sprout. Seed your row of carrots and water them in well. Place a 1" x 4" board over the […] Read More

Topped with homemade passion fruit jelly.

No Measure Homemade Vanilla Yogurt

I've been making my own yogurt for several years now* and I'm here to tell you: it's easy. Homemade yogurt is tasty, MUCH cheaper than store bought, and it doesn't come with any packaging. I make vanilla yogurt and top it with homemade jam or jelly for a variety of flavors. Ingredients: Half-gallon milk. (I've […] Read More