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lilikoi bread

Lilikoi Bread

So tasty. So easy to make. I always double the batch and make four loaves - one for now, three for the freezer. Liliko‘i - also known as passion fruit - grows wild here, and I'm lucky enough to have a prolific plant right in my backyard. Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter (1-1/2 sticks) 2 cups […] Read More

Greener Halloween Hand-Outs

If you live in one of those communities where hordes of kids descend and shout, "Trick or treat!" you may be struggling with just how to enjoy the holiday without being a scrooge. If candy is a must, you'll want to look for sweet treats that are:   Made without high fructose corn syrup. That […] Read More

Winner: Kitchen Counter Cooking School

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn. I plugged the numbers into and Nancy who wants to use more herbs, you are the winner! Congratulations! I'll contact you directly via email […] Read More

Win a Copy of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

I told you a couple of weeks ago about The Kitchen Counter Cooking School and how much I liked it. I've taken notes and copied a couple of recipes out of the book and now I'm ready to pass it on. If you'd like to win a copy for yourself or to use as a […] Read More


Learn to be Fearless in the Kitchen

I have to admit, when I received a review copy of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flinn and flipped through it, I was a little disappointed. It was not the book I expected it to be. And yet, when I sat down and started reading I was hooked. Possibly because the author starts […] Read More

Chorizo soup

Spicy Chorizo Soup and Chow Chow

As the weather cools in the States, gardens are slowing down and many of us are shifting to meals that warm us up. Over on Popcorn Homestead, you'll find one of my family's go-to cool season meals: chorizo soup. Whip it up with fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden and top it with the […] Read More

A Cure for Watery Homegrown Tomato Sauce

With many gardeners in the thick of their tomato harvest, stock pots are bubbling with tomato sauce, marinara sauce, pizza sauce, homemade ketchup, and lots of other bright red tomato goodness. If you've ever made sauce from fresh tomatoes, you know that no matter how much you cook it down, the sauce often separates, leaving […] Read More


Swap out One Food Item, Change the World

Can I make you think for a moment? If you pondered your family's eating habits and figured out the one prepared item that is used the most in your household, what would it be? I asked a similar question on Facebook the other day and got a variety of answers: ketchup, salsa, ranch dressing, Miracle […] Read More

Gluten free pizza crackers for your snacking pleasure.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Crackers

After reading my true confession about Cheez-Its, Amanda from High Prairie Homestead took pity on me and sent a recipe for homemade cheese crackers. I guest posted about making a gluten free version of Cheez-Its for Little House in the Suburbs, but while I was at it I decided to experiment with a gluten free […] Read More


Organic Foods and Bulk Buying Options

  I do not claim to be fully self-sufficient. While I continually strive to improve that, there are just some things that I'll never be able to produce myself - and I'm not willing to do without. I still depend on growers in other climates to produce the wheat, the oats, and the corn that […] Read More