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Grainy mustard - it's a snap to make at home!

Store Bought Condiments You Can Make at Home 5

Long before Best Foods decided to bottle up their popular sandwich spread, someone was making that from scratch. Same with so many of the things we buy ready made these days. You CAN make this stuff at home!

Pineapple Salsa: A Perfect Summertime Snack 125

Looking for something a little bit different to put out for summertime parties? This pineapple salsa is IT. Serve it fresh, or make it several days in advance and ferment it for a little extra bang. It’s a great appetizer, or good with chicken and fish, too.

Baking bread is a traditional skill. If you never learned how, start with the BASICS.

Baking Bread: Quick Bread vs. Yeast Bread 2

If you’re considering delving into baking bread as part of your efforts toward more self-reliant living, here’s a very basic look at the difference between quick bread and yeast bread. The crux of it, though? It’s not hard!

Making kimchi is incredibly easy - just a matter of chopping veggies, really. But this fermented veggie mix is so good for you!

Kimchi Recipe: Get Your Ferment On 5

My family loves this kimchi. It’s spicy and crunchy and salty – a great side dish to go with meat and fish when you don’t have time to make a salad. Naturally fermented kimchi is full of friendly bacteria and enzymes and oh, so good for you. And it’s easy to make!