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Swap out One Food Item, Change the World

Can I make you think for a moment? If you pondered your family's eating habits and figured out the one prepared item that is used the most in your household, what would it be? I asked a similar question on Facebook the other day and got a variety of answers: ketchup, salsa, ranch dressing, Miracle […] Read More

Gluten free pizza crackers for your snacking pleasure.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Crackers

After reading my true confession about Cheez-Its, Amanda from High Prairie Homestead took pity on me and sent a recipe for homemade cheese crackers. I guest posted about making a gluten free version of Cheez-Its for Little House in the Suburbs, but while I was at it I decided to experiment with a gluten free […] Read More


Organic Foods and Bulk Buying Options

  I do not claim to be fully self-sufficient. While I continually strive to improve that, there are just some things that I'll never be able to produce myself - and I'm not willing to do without. I still depend on growers in other climates to produce the wheat, the oats, and the corn that […] Read More

watermelon rind relish

Watermelon Rind Relish

Save your watermelon rinds to make a knock-off old fashioned hamburger relish!


Guest Post – Beet Caviar: The Irresistible Purple Salad

I "met" Joan Bailey during the blogathon I did several months ago. We had a discussion (a short one; it was on Twitter!) about beets and she was kind enough to share a guest post here at Attainable Sustainable. Welcome, Joan! Photo courtesy of Dragonwood Farm, a little farm in Michigan's southeast corner organically growing […] Read More

Grainy mustard - it's a snap to make at home!

Homemade Grainy Mustard – Yes, Really

Mm. Mustard. I love mustard. But those fancy pants Dijon mustards give me a headache. I can get organic Dijon that comes in plastic. Or non-organic Dijon in glass. (Go figure, right?) Then it occurred to me that this is yet another product we've become accustomed to buying ready to use, when there's a perfectly good […] Read More

Know what parts of your canning jars are reusable and which ones aren't!

Anatomy of a Canning Jar

If you've never preserved your garden abundance by canning, the system can be a little confusing. A friend of mine---one who's never canned before---was asking about home preservation and I was reminded that although I grew up understanding how a canning jar works, many people just don't. The jars most commonly used for home preservation […] Read More

DIY chicken stock

Homemade Chicken Stock

My mother would no sooner toss out a roasted chicken carcass than she would rob a bank. Consequently, neither would I. But I'm shocked at the number of roast chicken remains I've seen go in the trash over the years (mind you, I've rescued some, too). Is it because the cooks don't know how to […] Read More

greens, beets, garden, pickles, chips

Five Ways to use Beet Greens

Did you know that beet greens are edible? Sure, your chickens love 'em, but your family might, too!

June Challenge – One Local Ingredient a Day

I've written about our goal of including at least one locally produced ingredient in each of our dinners. As farmers market season kicks off in the USA and gardens begin to offer up some produce, I invite you to commit to doing something similar. (If you're in another part of the world, this may be […] Read More