7 Organic Pest Control Methods 7

Organic gardening means using the least harmful method of controlling pests and diseases. It also means that the plant is not looked on as an isolated thing but part of bigger ecological system and doing what’s best for the system as a whole instead of what’s best for just the plant.

Organic gardening doesn't just mean "sit back and let the bugs have at it." It means using various natural control methods to keep them in check.

Growing Yacon 7

Yacon’s edible tubers are sweet and crunchy, giving it the nickname “ground apple.” We’re growing yacon in the garden this year for the first time.

Yacon - also known as ground apple - is great eaten fresh .

Grow a nectarine - or any stone fruit - from seed.

Grow a Nectarine from Seed 25

Nectarines and other stone fruits started from seed can produce excellent fruit. Sprout your favorite peach, nectarine, plum, or apricot for free orchard trees.

Grow {More} Food 11

While it’s such a simple goal, there are a lot of steps we need to implement in order to grow more food. Some seems easy. Some feels daunting. But we need to do this! Are you with me?

Number one in our plan to be more self-reliant? Grow more food in the garden!