Grow Your Own Food!

We talk a LOT about growing food around here. Visitors to this site range from absolute newbies to gardeners well-versed in all of the intricacies of growing food. No matter the level of expertise though, one common thread is this: You're all looking for even more information. Have I got good news for you. The […] Read More


A Dozen Edibles Pretty Enough to Fool Your Homeowners Association

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you probably know all too well how restrictive they can be in what's allowed---or more frustratingly---not allowed. HOAs often don't allow chickens. Or painting your home outside of a very narrow color spectrum. Or planting a vegetable garden in the front yard. Hold the […] Read More

Raised bed in urban environment centre

Make a Wicking Bed – Great for Drought Gardens

Wicking beds are very water efficient. These self-contained planters have a reservoir of water at the bottom and a wicking medium that slowly pulls water up to the plant roots. The folks over at Bits Out the Back created this short tutorial on making a wicking bucket. The same technique can be applied to larger beds and […] Read More


Natural Aphid Control

Got bugs? It's time for a little aphid control with a two-pronged approach. You need to control the aphids AND the ants.

Protecting raised beds from critters. Panels are removable for access.

Critter Proofing Your Raised Beds

Keeping cats and deer (and even squirrels) out of raised beds can be a big task. Here's one solution for critter proofing.


Growing (and Using) Lemongrass

Lemongrass grows easily in my warm climate, but it also grows very easily in pots. This means that even if you live in a cooler region, you can move it indoors when the weather turns.


Building a Brick Garden Wall or Planter

Used bricks retain their integrity and work perfectly well for building projects, though they do lose the fresh, clean lines of brand new bricks. Personally, I prefer the aged patina. But where to find them?


Early Greens: Sweet Potato Leaves

I wrote a few weeks ago about starting sweet potato slips to plant in the garden. But did you know that sweet potato leaves are edible? Even if you don't plan to grow sweet potato tubers in your garden, you can get greens started in your kitchen today. To have a continuous supply of sweet […] Read More


Using Permaculture Methods to Create a Desert Oasis

Trying to garden in a dry region? Think it can't be done? Geoff Lawton will beg to differ. Using permaculture methods he and his team created a green oasis in the middle of a Jordan desert. The video above is just two minutes long, but it shows the possibilities of creating food forests even in […] Read More


Are Organics as “Clean” as You’d Like to Believe?

The fact is, a lot of the chemicals used by organic growers are safe and have been tested, at least reasonably well. But not all.