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Tangerine Vinegar

We've already addressed the fact that I tend to try ridiculous crazy potentially clever ideas with abandon. So it will come as no surprise to many of you that when I finished peeling and juicing tangerines for my Tangerine Triple Sec, instead of composting the waste, I decided to try making vinegar. Tangerine vinegar? Yeah, […] Read More

On the Bookshelf

I've been reading books to inspire my lifestyle lately and these really impressed me. Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter The idea of creating a productive urban farm in the less desirable parts of Oakland, California is mind boggling to me. But while the location freaks me out a little […] Read More

Fresh tomatoes are a source of food for an extended period in the garden.

Upside-Down Tomatoes

While much of our steep lot is shady, we have plenty of sunshine on our driveway. My husband, however, is steadfast in his refusal to rip up the concrete to put in a garden. Not to be dissuaded, I came up with an alternative plan to utilize the space: upside down tomatoes. You've seen those […] Read More

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Recipe: Radish Leaf Pesto

Radishes are one of the fastest ripening crops a gardener can plant. If you're aching to have something - anything - that you grew yourself on the dinner table, radishes are a good bet. They're one of the earliest crops you can plant, and are ready in just 3-4 weeks from planting date. But don't […] Read More

New Chickens, Orange Blossoms, and Peas

I added three new hens - six months old and already laying - to the flock last week. We've had Danish Brown Leghorns in the past and really liked them for their hardiness, so I was happy to find these. My friend Kate asked for pics of the new chickens, so I figured I'd take […] Read More

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Make a Worm Composter for Less than Five Bucks

Apartment dwellers and urbanites often lament the lack of options for composting in homes with limited yard space. If you're not the kind to get all squirmy over worms in your house, I highly recommend vermicomposting as a method for composting your kitchen waste. You can buy ready-made worm bins, but if you're even a […] Read More


Harvesting Bananas

Awhile back I promised my friend Jane that I'd take a video of our next banana harvest. She lives in Washington state with her family and none of them has ever seen a banana growing, let alone harvested. I figured it would be fun to share the video here, too. Now, mind you, our method […] Read More


Plan Now to Share the Harvest Later

It's that time of year when - for many of us - scouring seed catalogs for potential garden additions stands in for actually getting our hands dirty. While you've got time (and not dirt) on your hands, you might want to consider organizing a method to share your eventual harvest right in your own community. […] Read More

Guest Post: Victory Garden

You may know Christina Le Beau from her excellent blog, Spoonfed. Or you might follow her on Facebook. But today, I'm happy to have her guest posting about her recent experience with vegetable gardening. Here's Christina: I've gardened for years, but always flowers, never fruits or vegetables. We've had token edibles — containers of tomatoes […] Read More

Saving Seeds: Basil

  […] Read More