Food Preservation

Freshly harvested stevia

Stevia: How Sweet it is

One of the plants that's thriving in my oh-so-wet-and-rainy garden this year is stevia. It's the first time I've grown it, so I'm pleased to see it do so well, but how to use it? For starters, just chewing on a fresh leaf gives a burst of sweetness that's welcome when you're trying to cut […] Read More

It's citrus season! How's this for a kicky way to preserve some of the abundance? Tangerine Triple Sec.

Citrus Season: Tangerine Triple Sec

I've mentioned already that we've got an abundance (and then some) of tangerines at our disposal. I've made Tangerine-Ginger Jam. I've made Tangerine Syrup. Now I'm even getting boozy on you. When I spotted this recipe for homemade triple sec made from Cara Cara oranges, I had to try my hand at a slightly different version […] Read More


Use It Or Lose It

I've been preserving my garden produce for years - I'd say at least 25 years or so. Only within the last few years, though, have I found a solution to using my canned goods in an organized manner, making sure that we had enough to last us until the next season or avoiding an excess […] Read More


Tangerine Ginger Jam

My neighbor has a tree that is dripping with ripe tangerines. He came out and hollered at me the other day to pick some - lots of them - so I filled my market basket with about 15 pounds. It barely put a dent in his crop. It's tangerine central around here right now. Let […] Read More


Plan Now to Share the Harvest Later

It's that time of year when - for many of us - scouring seed catalogs for potential garden additions stands in for actually getting our hands dirty. While you've got time (and not dirt) on your hands, you might want to consider organizing a method to share your eventual harvest right in your own community. […] Read More

tangerine syrup

Tangerine Syrup

December means citrus around here - lots and lots of citrus. Two of my neighbors have trees that they can't keep up with, so we're eating tangerines and oranges hand over fist. When I ran across a recipe for tangerine syrup over on the hip girl's guide to homemaking, I wondered if it was something […] Read More

Chow chow is a relish made from end-of-season green tomatoes. Great with chicken!

Save Those Green Tomatoes – Make A Batch of Chow Chow

Circa 1970s: The old metal grinder is firmly mounted to my mom’s kitchen table, the abundance of our summer garden stacked in bowls and baskets around us. As often as I could, I’d take a turn at the grinder, cranking the handle despite my stinging, watering eyes.  I watched as onions, bell peppers, and green […] Read More

dehydrator full of bananas

Going Bananas

  They always ripen all at once! We're eating tons of fresh bananas, but a bunch of this size calls for a preservation plan. Time for Excalibur! I sliced each banana a scant 1/8" thick, dipped them in lemon juice, and placed them on a dehydrator tray. I'm telling you this because while you may […] Read More


Food Preservation: A Day of Home Canning

I recently shared my tomato chutney recipe, but I didn't mention that on the same day I also made marinara sauce. For those of you who have yet to tackle home preservation, I thought it might be interesting for you to see what a day of canning looks like. I started with 40 pounds of […] Read More

Chorizo soup

Spicy Chorizo Soup and Chow Chow

As the weather cools in the States, gardens are slowing down and many of us are shifting to meals that warm us up. Over on Popcorn Homestead, you'll find one of my family's go-to cool season meals: chorizo soup. Whip it up with fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden and top it with the […] Read More