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How about a truckload of mulch for free? We have a couple of locations on the island that offer a green waste program. People drop off yard waste and the nice folks at the transfer station grind it up and turn it into mulch. The community is invited to pick up mulch for free.

Our closest facility is about an hour away, but I happened to be headed that way during business hours so I stopped and loaded up! Today I mulched around my garden plants and in a large planter bed to help retain moisture in the soil. The mulch will eventually break down, which will increase the organic matter in my puny soil.

My next loads of mulch will likely just get dumped in a pile. A friend of mine imported several piles of this free mulch and within a year – with no effort on her part – it had transformed into beautiful compost. Check your local transfer station or landfill to see if they have a green waste program and take advantage of it if you can!

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2 thoughts on “Free Mulch

  • Alexandra

    Great idea! I’m always afraid the mulch at the transfer station will have mushrooms though. We picked up less finely ground one year and spread it on paths at the B&B, and mushrooms came up. Ugh! So, I have hesitated since then to use transfer station mulch in the garden. Don’t know if anyone out there has had a similar experience?

  • Einit Borowsky

    Mushrooms are a good thing in mulch. They help break it down into a beautiful humus for yoru garden.