Got Zippered Plastic Bags? They’re Good for Something! 14

On an earlier post, Kaye asked,”Does anyone have an idea of what to do with those plastic zippered bags that curtains and blankets come in? I recently ordered a lot of curtains on-line and now I have 10 of those bags. I would really like to repurpose them, but how?”

I put the question out to the Attainable Sustainable Facebook community. Lots of smart folks hang out there. Here’s a sampling of what they came up with:

Beverly: Use them to store linens/clothes/fabric you don’t use very often. You can insert cedar or lavender sachets to keep it fresh and they stay clean…I have my better bedding that I never use in some for like 15 years and the bags are still holding up and I think may last forever.

Helen: Growbags?

The Root Cellar’s Garden: Store winter clothes in them? Pick up poop with them? Make them into gift bags? Store garden seeds in them? Use them to store holiday decorations, like light strings?

Sandra: I always save those and they end up having so many uses. Right now one contains maternity clothes that I plan to donate to Goodwill. Other times I’ll use them for packing when I need to separate things, or for storage for the same reason (like separating ski hats from gloves). I don’t ultimately recycle them (not even sure you could), but I always find multiple uses for them before they — or most of them — become too brittle to use.

Karma: Pack your shoes in them when you’re traveling.

Verdant Hippie Hub: I keep my extra pillows and blankets in those. If you have seasonal tablecloths or curtains, that might be the right size?

Lori: Out of season clothes or extra blankets, travel, keepsakes, or mementos during a vacation, extra paper and crayons for the car (dont leave in the car). I use mine for items I crochet and want to keep clean till they sell.:D

NIcole: I use them for storing fabric pieces, gift wrap-tissue paper, gift bags, ribbons, when I travel I use them for my toiletries, supplements, condiments, shoes, etc.

Melissa: If you don’t want to reuse it for storage you could cut it open and use it to be a protective layer; perhaps if you are painting something or do.

Sigrid: I had a few large zippered bags from when I bought a comforter/sheet set and managed to put all my lighter blankets in them for storage, rather than have them in the closet collecting dust on the shelf. Also great for storing sentimental baby blankets and toddler clothes that I hope someday to make into a quilt.

Judy: I use some to organize current cross-stitch projects, quilting and craft projects to take to a friend’s house when we meet once a month. They work very well.

Julie: They are great for kids’ toys and especially for toys with lots of pieces like blocks, Barbie clothes, puzzles, etc.

Cecily: Use them for camping gear or an emergency car kit (to store blanket, flashlights, jumper cables, snacks, umbrella…etc…in case car breaks down in any weather)

Marisa: We live in an older home that is near impossible to seal up entirely, and get a lot of yellow sac spiders. These are perfect for storing extra bedding, pillows, and all the soft goods, and keeping the spiders out. The thinner, longer ones are also great for under the bed storage.

Joel: Open them up, sew them together, make a poor-man’s green house? (I loved the creativity of this suggestion!)

Blessed Kaos: We recently had a fire in our home-those bags saved so many of my things by keeping the smoke and soot out. I use them for precious linens like baby clothes and vintage stuff, photos awaiting an album, toys, seasonal bedding, fabrics, anything. I love those bags!

Have an idea to add? Share it in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Got Zippered Plastic Bags? They’re Good for Something!

  • Marilyn

    Use it for a seed starter greenhouse. Put your unsprouted garden seeds (in their container) into the “greenhouse”. It makes tropical conditions for the seeds! Once they’re sprouted, start a second batch!

    You can also store canning lids in them. One for wide mouth and one for regular.

  • Karen

    I use them to store sewing patterns once I’ve taken then out of the original package. It’s always so hard to cram them back in once they’ve been unfolded.

  • Kaye Peery

    Oh my gosh! Thank you….keep em coming. I love them all!

  • Cathy

    I’ve also used them to store clothing, but recently had the idea to zip them over my potted lettuce and spinach plants in the winter to make a miniature “greenhouse”.

  • Danielle McNeely

    I store my Christmas ornaments and decorations in them for a clutter free attic. It makes bringing them out each year and putting them away less of a headache.

    They’re also good for keeping unfinished or ‘in the works’ projects together and out of the way.

  • jolene

    i use the smaller ones for keeping all of my makeup in, all my nail supplies go in another, I put just about everything in them, easy to store and see thru…

  • Sonia

    Some great ideas, Kris…thank you for sharing them
    Saving this link to share with our Freecycle group next time I post recycling ideas

  • vickiliang

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  • kk1258

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  • Tami

    I keep my yarn in these bags, organize them by yarn content or color and the clear bags make it easy to find what I’m looking for without digging.