What Does Organic Really Mean?

What Does Organic Really Mean?


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  • Jumpnmcar ,

    All terrific and straight forward, except the ” sewage sludge ” thing.
    We need to stop treating human sewage as toxic waste and start treating ( by organic means ) human sewage to eradicate any toxicity and not waste this valuable link in the cycle of plant production that has demonised and replaced with chemicals.
    Anyway, G’day from Australia and love this blog. :)

    •  @Jumpnmcar Thanks for chiming in! Have you read the book entitled Solviva? The author has some really interesting commentary about this, along with plans to create on site systems. Here’s a link to her site: http://www.solviva.com/wastewater.htm. My look at the book is here: http://www.attainable-sustainable.net/on-the-bookshelf/

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