Fresh peach butter. It's like summer in a jar.

Recipe: Peach Butter

Peach season just doesn't last long enough. If you're lucky enough to have an abundance of them, turn them into peach butter to extend that flavor just a little bit longer.

Organic gardening doesn't just mean "sit back and let the bugs have at it." It means using various natural control methods to keep them in check.

7 Organic Pest Control Methods

Organic gardening means using the least harmful method of controlling pests and diseases. It also means that the plant is not looked on as an isolated thing but part of bigger ecological system and doing what's best for the system as a whole instead of what's best for just the plant.

Turn your garden abundance into a snappy, spicy side dish with these lacto-fermented snap peas. Serve 'em alongside a sandwich or on top of a salad.

Spicy Pickled Snap Peas

Pickled snap peas, lacto-fermented snap peas, spicy snap peas. Whatever you call them, they're a great addition to your home preservation plans. When your peas are going off, be sure to make up several jars - you'll love them.

This family transformed a collapsing barn into a small house.

Small House Living

How one family transformed a collapsing barn into a small house living adventure.

Purslane is a great plant to keep around for chicken fodder.

Grow Your Own Chicken Feed – Organic!

Want to save money on feeding your chickens? Plant these garden crops to supplement their feed.

Nigerian Dwarf goats area a great choice for any size homestead, but especially for folks who are short on space.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nigerian Goats for Your Homestead

Nigerian Dwarf goats area a great choice for any size homestead, but especially for folks who are short on space. Leona from My Healthy Green Family shares why.

Yacon - also known as ground apple - is great eaten fresh .

Growing Yacon

Yacon's edible tubers are sweet and crunchy, giving it the nickname "ground apple." We're growing yacon in the garden this year for the first time.

Outsmarting the pickleworm. If my plan works, I might actually be able to grow squash and cucumbers this year!

Organic Pest Control: Outsmart the Buggahs

I'm experimenting with an unexpected "organic pest control" method to outsmart the pickleworm. Maybe THIS year I'll have zucchini!

Don't toss those radish greens! You can turn them into a spicy spread for crackers or sandwiches. Or, toss it with pasta! It's like free food.

Recipe: Radish Leaf Pesto

Radish leaf pesto is a fabulous way to stretch the harvest from an early spring garden. Serve it over pasta, spread it on crackers, or slather it in mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches.

DIY Jello Cups - Healthy ingredients, no packaging! You can feel good about sending these in your kids' lunch!

DIY Jello Cups

Homemade jello is incredibly easy to make, has ingredients you can feel great about, and with a little "outside the box" thinking, you can still enjoy the convenience of taking it with you without using plastic.