Plant lavender to attract bees.

10 Perennials to Attract Bees

Attract bees and other pollinators to your garden with these flowering perennials. Plant THESE for the BEES.

Take a virtual tour of Attainable Sustainable headquarters on the Island of Hawaii!

A [Virtual] Tour of Attainable Sustainable Headquarters – September

As a way to record progress — and to invite you in to watch — I got the brilliant idea to create a “Tour in the Round” to track the changes we make at our new place.

featGuide to Keeping Backyard Chickens

Keeping Backyard Chickens

When we first decided to get chickens, I worried. I'd never raised chicks. What would they need? Would they stink? How long would they fit in a small brooder? When would the be big enough to go outside (and would that be before or after they started to stink)?

Apple season is in full swing! Try these recipes with your abundance

Five for Friday: Apples

  When I was a young girl, our first apple crop was the Gravenstein apple, usually in their prime by early August. My dad's birthday was in July though, so every year Mom made his favorite apple pie with apples still on the green side. It was our first pie of the season, the first […] Read More

Real Food Planning Challenge - you can do this!

The Real Food Planning Challenge

If you’re aiming to live a more self-reliant lifestyle (and I have to assume you are, since you’re here and reading) my vote for the number one place to start is the kitchen. Go look in your cupboard. How much of what’s there would be considered ingredients? How much has an ingredients list?

Supplementing your chickens' diet with cheap (or free) food saves money.

Feeding Chickens on the Cheap

I submit this crazy notion: The idea of a perfect diet for chickens is likely the by-product of farmers looking for the highest egg-laying yield.

Need an easy way to get a garden growing? Try this!

Smart Pots for Easy Garden Beds

You can tell how hopelessly far behind I am since I'm still sharing posts with photos from the old place. Our former residence---a large lot in town---was steep and shady. It was not conducive to gardening at all and certainly not a place where we could plant a nice level garden without a whole bunch […] Read More


7 Things Hurricane Survivors are Wishing For The residents of the Puna district on the Island of Hawaii are still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Iselle. While we---thankfully---have had only minor inconveniences due to the storm, others have been devastated. Watching things unfold for our neighbors to the south has been nothing short of inspirational. The community has pulled together to weather […] Read More

Remember these 5 ingredients and you'll never need a salsa recipe again. No measuring required!

Garden Fresh Salsa

The most important ingredient for killer fresh salsa is---bar none---garden fresh tomatoes. Those barely pink orbs you'll find at the grocery store? Don't even bother. Seriously. You will be disappointed. But if you've got a garden that's brimming with juicy ripe tomatoes, or if they're available at your local farmers market, get chopping. My recipe for […] Read More

LocalFoodEcourse_PDF header_2

Empowered Eating: The Local Food eCourse

We talk about eating locally a lot. If you're not growing a garden -- or a big enough garden -- to feed your family, there's the question of where to source fresh produce. When we stop to consider our food and where it comes from, there are often more questions than answers! Is it better to […] Read More