Snake Oil or Miracle Cure? What Essential Oils Can’t Do

You've probably noticed that essential oils are all the rage lately. Bloggers are blogging about them, your co-worker assures you that essential oils cured her [insert sad medical condition here], your neighbor has invited you to an essential oils party, and essential oil classes and groups are popping up both on your screen and in your community. […] Read More


9 Reasons Buckwheat Belongs in Your Garden

When a farmer I know mentioned a couple of years ago that he uses buckwheat alongside his crops, I was intrigued; I peppered him with lots of questions. I'd never heard of this tactic, one he claimed would help deter pests. So of course, I had to try it. It's been awhile since I've tried something […] Read More


Five for Friday: Pickles

Pickling is one of the easiest ways to preserve some of your garden bounty, whether you're processing your pickles to be shelf stable or just whipping up a batch of refrigerator pickles. And we're not talking just cucumbers, here... Pickled Beets from Homegrown and Healthy: Old fashioned Bread and Butter Pickles from Daily Pea: Refrigerator Pickles […] Read More


Joel Salatin Talks About Just DOING It

Yes, yes, yes! Joel Salatin's preamble here is spot on. NO we're not going to get it right the first time! We are all learning as we go, each of us learning new skills. Watch and be inspired to dive in and try something new. You might make a mess of it, but you will […] Read More


Butchering Chickens: Tips from the Trenches

My lone experience with butchering came as happenstance (read about that, here) but I'm hoping that meat birds will be part of our future plan. I asked for some advice over on the Attainable Sustainable Facebook page from those who've done it. There were so many good tips, it seemed selfish to keep them to myself. So […] Read More


Gardens from Far and Wide

When it comes to gardens I absolutely love to see what other people are growing -- and how. I thought it would be fun to share some of the great gardens my readers have been sharing. A little inspiration for you! From Patricia ^^ Front to back: Yellow and zucchini squash, cabbage ready to harvest, and snow […] Read More


No-Till Lasagna Bed Gardening — Easy, Peasy

In a hurry to get at least a little bit of a garden in at our new place, the obvious option was to build a lasagna bed garden. I've done this before and had good luck with it; with lots of relatively flat area (yay!) to choose from, it was super easy to get started. […] Read More


We’ve Moved!

You've heard me lament my small shady growing space, my steep lot, my difficulty in growing as much food as I'd like. So imagine how happy I am to announce that we've moved to a larger piece of property that will allow us to expand our garden! Imagine how happy I am to say that […] Read More


Five for Friday: Growing Herbs

Herbs. Whether you use them for flavoring dishes or medicinally, they're a great addition to your garden. Herbs are---generally speaking---easy to grow, good looking (hello, subversive gardening!), and are often attractive to bees. A favorite of butterflies, purple coneflower is a sturdy plant that holds up well in the heat of summer. It's also the […] Read More


Grow Your Own Food!

We talk a LOT about growing food around here. Visitors to this site range from absolute newbies to gardeners well-versed in all of the intricacies of growing food. No matter the level of expertise though, one common thread is this: You're all looking for even more information. Have I got good news for you. The […] Read More