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DIY Bug Bite Relief

If you spend any time outdoors at all--whether you're gardening or grilling--you're sure to find yourself with the occasional bug bite. Here's how to soothe those bites.

Ban fruit flies in your compost with these easy tricks. 8

Painless Changes for an Eco-Friendly Green Kitchen

Trying to embrace a lifestyle that doesn't smack of waste? It's easier said than done when we're dealing with long ingrained habits. The good news is, there are a lot of changes you can make on your way to an eco-friendly green kitchen that will take zero effort on your part.

Vegetables, other than tomatoes, must be pickled to be safe for water bath canning.

How to Plant a Garden

Want to plant a garden that will keep you family in fresh produce all summer long? Find out how you can harvest fresh vegetables from your own yard!