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Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

My favorite thing about tzatziki is how light and refreshing it tastes - and it's easy to make at home! It's perfect for warm days and can be paired with simple foods like olives and feta.

From bicycles to sewing machines, lawn mowers, and camping gear, sharing "big" items that are rarely used can save you bunches of money.

Save Thousands of Dollars with Collaborative Consumption

Sharing big items -- instead of every household owning one -- can save you money, reduce the environmental impacts of producing more than we really (truly) need, and free up some of your precious storage space.

Probiotic red cabbage and beet kraut. Garden fresh goodness.

Probiotic Beet and Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

Red cabbage and beets fresh from the garden make a lovely ferment and a nice variation on your standard sauerkraut.

This easy-to-make breakfast is SUPER simple and uses up random leftovers for a zero-waste breakfast.

Easy Breakfast Casserole with Farm Fresh Eggs and Leftovers

This easy breakfast casserole is a great way to utilize leftovers, save money, and eliminate food waste. Put your hens on notice that they're going to need to up production.

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The Best Homemade Salsa: Recipes Straight from the Garden

Garden (or orchard!) fresh produce is the perfect reason to whip up a batch of salsa. From basic tomato salsa to toppings featuring cactus, strawberries, cucumbers, and cilantro, you're sure to find something here to make your tastebuds happy.

Looking for a way to keep your chickens cool in the summertime heat? Here are some ideas for you!

Beat the Heat: How to Keep your Chickens Cool this Summer

Help your flock keep their cool this summer with these easy tips and treats. Your chickens will thank you.

Surprise! You can make your own "capers" with nasturtium seed pods. These are lacto-fermented for a mellow pop that you can add to salads and other dishes.

“Poor Man’s” Pickled Capers (Surprise!)

Start foraging! Make "poor man's capers" from nasturtium seed pods with this lacto-fermentation method.

Use salvaged materials to build garden trellises on a budget.

How to Build a Trellis on a Budget

The expense of gardening, if you're not careful, can add up. Using salvaged materials to build garden trellises is one way to stick to your budget.

Dig in to a little DIY with the Fiercely D.I.Y. Summer E-Course!

DIY Projects for the Whole Family

Dive in to DIY! Spend quality time with your kids. Eliminate the "I'm bored!" whine. Learn new skills. Sounds like a great summer to me!

If you're limited on space, container gardening might be the answer. But you've got to choose the *right containers.

Growing Vegetables in Containers

If you're limited on space, container gardening might be the answer. But you've got to choose the *right containers for your urban garden.