Need an easy way to get a garden growing? Try this!

Smart Pots for Easy Garden Beds

You can tell how hopelessly far behind I am since I'm still sharing posts with photos from the old place. Our former residence---a large lot in town---was steep and shady. It was not conducive to gardening at all and certainly not a place where we could plant a nice level garden without a whole bunch […] Read More


7 Things Hurricane Survivors are Wishing For The residents of the Puna district on the Island of Hawaii are still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Iselle. While we---thankfully---have had only minor inconveniences due to the storm, others have been devastated. Watching things unfold for our neighbors to the south has been nothing short of inspirational. The community has pulled together to weather […] Read More

Remember these 5 ingredients and you'll never need a salsa recipe again. No measuring required!

Garden Fresh Salsa

The most important ingredient for killer fresh salsa is---bar none---garden fresh tomatoes. Those barely pink orbs you'll find at the grocery store? Don't even bother. Seriously. You will be disappointed. But if you've got a garden that's brimming with juicy ripe tomatoes, or if they're available at your local farmers market, get chopping. My recipe for […] Read More

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Empowered Eating: The Local Food eCourse

We talk about eating locally a lot. If you're not growing a garden -- or a big enough garden -- to feed your family, there's the question of where to source fresh produce. When we stop to consider our food and where it comes from, there are often more questions than answers! Is it better to […] Read More

What we did right - and what we did wrong - in preparation for the hurricane that hit #Hawaii. #preparedness #prepping

Prepping for Disaster: Lessons From Hurricane Iselle

Hurricane Iselle made landfall on the Island of Hawaii over the weekend. The initial path of the hurricane was expected to take the storm right over the top of my little town. Ack!


A [Virtual] Tour of Attainable Sustainable Headquarters One of the bonus features of our new place is the 10,000 gallon catchment tank/water tank/cistern. Call it what you will, turns out it makes a great place for grabbing a 360-degree view of a good portion of our active project areas. We've made tons of headway just in the month that we've been […] Read More


Summer Canning Recipes Galore

Whether from your own garden or orchard, or from your CSA box or farmers market, the abundance of summer is at its peak. Here, I give you a collection of some of my family's favorite recipes for bottling up the flavor of summer. Oh, how you will enjoy these in the depths of winter! Tomato […] Read More


Deals on Three Great Resources for Self-Reliant Living

  As we head into the weekend, let me pop onto your screen very quickly to point out a few deals and discounts on some of the products I've recommended here in the past. 1. The folks over at Kitchen Stewardship are my kind of people. Not only are they all about transforming our kitchens with real food […] Read More


Reversing Desertification: One Amazingly Simple Solution

Desertification of the land. About two-thirds of the world's grasslands are at risk. This accelerates climate change and impacts the societies where it's happening, causing food and water shortages. Allan Savory proposes doing something unthinkable. Unthinkable because for years, we've been told it's the problem. Turns out, grazing animals are the solution. One more reason to choose grass fed beef and […] Read More


12 Awesome Things to Do With a Few Homestead Friends

Have you met Erin from Blue Yurt Farms? That girl is a FIREBALL. Full of positive energy, full of ideas about homesteading. And her latest idea? Sheer brilliance. Whether you're wading through the idea of homesteading or actively doing it, Erin's newest idea is going to rock your world. She's developing the Homestead Hub, an online site where people […] Read More