66 Small Changes to Make a Big Difference

Changing how we do things - even just a little bit - can make a huge impact on our environment and the sustainability of this planet.



As more people become aware of the human impact on this earth (and ironically, on our own health) the idea of living a more sustainable, self-sufficient life is gaining ground. But. It's one thing to think, "Hey, I'd love to be more self-sufficient!" and quite another to implement a lifestyle change that might require learning […] Read More

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Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet – Impetus for Change

As a girl, I read the Little House on the Prairie series and dreamed of a time when people cooked over an open fire with cast iron pans and gave handmade gifts. As an adult, I actually hoped that Y2K would bring a change. While we called it a “scare” back then, few would have […] Read More