Spend $60 to Save Long Term on Energy

We don't use a microwave, so all of our baking and food warming happens in our oven. My son cooks himself a hot lunch daily, so it's not unusual for the oven to be warmed up to 350 degrees a couple of times a day. Even though I usually try to combine dinner preparation with […] Read More


Cut Your Energy Usage, Save Money, Be Green

Ah, winter. It's all snow and cozy and hot tea, until you get the monthly energy bill. You spent HOW MUCH on electricity?? (This is where you off-grid folks can fold your arms across your chest and smile smugly...) For many, heating is a huge expense this time of year. For me, it's not heat---we don't […] Read More

September Challenge: Cut Fuel Usage

With gas up well over $4 a gallon (here, a brief pause while you all gasp) I've been limiting my own gasoline usage for quite awhile. I'm fortunate that we live within walking distance to town and both of my boys can walk to work. Since I work from home, I generally only drive the […] Read More

Guest Post: Vampire Power

Matthew Epperson contacted me recently to find out if I'd be open to having him guest post here on Attainable Sustainable. I'm always open to hearing how other people are living a more sustainable life, so I accepted! Matthew is a recent University of Georgia graduate with a BS in Psychology, and is continuing as […] Read More

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Save on Heat with Fire Bricks

This simple trick will help you harness the heat of your oven as you bake, reducing energy costs.