Patchwork Living Blogging Bee #2

Welcome to the Patchwork Living Blogging Bee, our Internet version of a quilting bee. Each of our lives is a patchwork of what was passed down to us, what we find around us, and what people share with us. Hosted by myself and Frugal Kiwi, we hope that you'll join us by adding a virtual […] Read More

Patchwork Living Blogging Bee

If you're a part of the Attainable Sustainable Facebook group, you've seen me mention Frugal Kiwi more than once. I'm a bit of a fan, see, so I'm thrilled to announce a new feature in collaboration with Melanie McMinn, the mastermind behind the New Zealand based Frugal Kiwi. Together, we will be hosting a weekly […] Read More

Sustainable Dog Care

While I grew up with dogs, sustainably housing, feeding, and caring for a dog is not in my current realm. (Cats, yes. Dog? No.) Happily, Roxanne Hawn, who blogs at Champion of my Heart, agreed to share her thoughts on raising a dog in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Welcome, Roxanne! ### A […] Read More


Shower Curtain Smarts

Next time you need a shower curtain, choose fabric rather than plastic. Fabric shower curtains are easier to wash and reuse, and don't emit toxic fumes like PVC curtains do. Photo: Flickr user kissyface under Creative Commons […] Read More

Making Tough Changes

With the encouragement of my son, I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a long time: I gave up my kitchen sponge. That may seem like no big deal, but breaking lifetime habits is hard. I've been listening to all the talk about just how scungy sponges are and how they harbor […] Read More

July Challenge: No Bottled Drinks

I heard lots of success stories from the people who tackled the no drinking straw challenge. And the one local food a day challenge seemed to go well. But now I'm really going to ask you to stretch a bit! Throughout the month of July I invite you to go plastic bottle free. Yes, in […] Read More

Razors for Green Living

My friend Cynthia asked me awhile back about razors, wondering what razor offers the least environmental impact. It's a good question and my answer is: it depends. Let's start with this: single use disposables are definitely out. Even if you manage to use these for a week before the blades dull, you're still throwing out […] Read More

Keep it clean with green initiatives.

Guest Post: Green Initiatives from Chez Sven

As part of the WordCount Blogathon, I'm participating in a guest post swap with Alexandra Grabbe who, along with her husband, runs Chez Sven, a bed and breakfast in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Chez Sven is a green B & B and Alexandra writes passionately about environmental issues in Wellfleet on her blog. I hope you'll enjoy […] Read More


Five Books Worth Adding to your Shelves

For years, my plant bible has been the Sunset Western Garden Book. Filled with listings of specific plants (over 8,000 in the 2011 edition) that detail plant characteristics, growth habits, and zone requirements, this is a must-have if you garden in the west. The book includes information about both edible and ornamental plants and trees. […] Read More

Small Step: Give up Drinking Straws

It seems like a silly thing. Can a simple plastic drinking straw really make much of a difference? But take this into account: One Virginia manufacturer makes four BILLION drinking straws each year. Imagine how much plastic that uses. Imagine how much waste that produces. What if we gave up drinking straws? Sure, many of […] Read More