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Summer Canning Recipes Galore

Whether from your own garden or orchard, or from your CSA box or farmers market, the abundance of summer is at its peak. Here, I give you a collection of some of my family's favorite recipes for bottling up the flavor of summer. Oh, how you will enjoy these in the depths of winter! Tomato […] Read More


Canning at Home for Beginners

Growing up, my mom canned applesauce and pickles, jellies and jams. Because I'd seen the process in action, it was very easy for me to begin canning in my own kitchen. But what about people who have never seen home preservation in action? Ideally, they'd find a friend who could teach them or even attend […] Read More


Tangerine Ginger Jam

My neighbor has a tree that is dripping with ripe tangerines. He came out and hollered at me the other day to pick some - lots of them - so I filled my market basket with about 15 pounds. It barely put a dent in his crop. It's tangerine central around here right now. Let […] Read More

Know what parts of your canning jars are reusable and which ones aren't!

Anatomy of a Canning Jar

If you've never preserved your garden abundance by canning, the system can be a little confusing. A friend of mine---one who's never canned before---was asking about home preservation and I was reminded that although I grew up understanding how a canning jar works, many people just don't. The jars most commonly used for home preservation […] Read More