Giving Green, Giving Good this Holiday Season

Yes. Handmade is great. I love handmade gifts. But sometimes there are just people in your life that don't get the idea of handmade gifts or the suggestion to give to a charity instead. Those who might be offended that you didn't meet the required minimum for a successful "give." (Have you heard of love languages? […] Read More


Holiday Gifts for Kids (That Won’t Break the Bank or Undermine Your Values)

Yes, I just talked the other day about greening up your holiday. But if there's one place on the holiday list that people will often make exceptions, it's for the kids. Many grandparents (ahem) simply don't understand the concept of "cutting back" when it comes to their grandbabies. If you'll manage to stick with all […] Read More


{Greener} Gift Giving for the Holidays

  Sure, shopping Black Friday might net you a deep discount on the latest "must have" gadget at the big box stores. I guarantee, heading out on Black Friday will put me in a black mood. Instead, check out your local small businesses or follow Small Business Saturday on Facebook for updates. Handmade gifts truly […] Read More

Last minute gifts to #DIY at home! You can do it!

Last Minute Handmade Gift Ideas

One more week til Christmas! And you still don't know what you're going to take to your office mates or Great Aunt Sally? Not to worry. You can pull most of these gifts together in under an hour.

Making a bow

How to Make a Bow

Everybody has one obscure skill, don't they? Mine is the art of making a bow. Not the bend at the waist, thank-you-very-much kind of bow, but rather the twisting and tying of ribbon into a lovely package decoration kind of bow. This skill comes to me courtesy of a very short stint working in a […] Read More

tangerine syrup

Tangerine Syrup

December means citrus around here - lots and lots of citrus. Two of my neighbors have trees that they can't keep up with, so we're eating tangerines and oranges hand over fist. When I ran across a recipe for tangerine syrup over on the hip girl's guide to homemaking, I wondered if it was something […] Read More


Best Fudge Evah!

I have the best recipe in the world for fudge. Seriously. You know those fudge booths at the fair where they charge one million dollars for a half pound? Hubby insists on breaking our bank every time he has the opportunity, then proceeds to say, “yours is better.” My kids concur. I was gifted with […] Read More

A More Sustainable Mother’s Day

How about a dozen red roses to celebrate your mom for Mother's Day? Or not. Instead of giving mom a bouquet of roses that have likely been trucked in from a distance and grown with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, seek out locally grown flowers (try your farmers market!) or buy her a plant that she […] Read More