Add persimmon (and a little bit of cinnamon) to your granola for a crunchy, fall-flavored breakfast.

Persimmon Granola is an Autumn Treat

My Grandpa Sam? He loved 'em. His beloved persimmon tree hung with orange orbs long after the leaves fell off in the autumn, and he'd happily sit with a persimmon and his pocket knife, enjoying one of his favorite fruits. Me? I keep trying fresh persimmons but I can't get over the wooly tongue feeling […] Read More

Recipe: Homemade Granola

Packaged cereal has become a breakfast staple in America, but we gave it up long ago. In fact, we stopped buying cereal regularly long before I before I began this whole sustainable quest of mine, mostly because even after two (expensive) bowls full of cereal, my boys were hungry again by mid-morning. It just didn't […] Read More