Healthy Lunch Box Ideas with Less Waste

If you send kids off to school every day, you know just how hard it is to pull together a zero-waste lunch. And one that's healthy. If you're trying to skip plastic products as well, it's even harder. What's a parent to do?

Transform Recycled Jars into Holiday Decor

Stop! Don't send that glass jar to the recycle bin quite yet. Instead, doll it up, pop in a tea light, and add a bit of shine to your holiday. Use them scattered to brighten the household, or make eight short jars with one taller one and use the set as a menorah. This dotting […] Read More

Guest Post: Victory Garden

You may know Christina Le Beau from her excellent blog, Spoonfed. Or you might follow her on Facebook. But today, I'm happy to have her guest posting about her recent experience with vegetable gardening. Here's Christina: I've gardened for years, but always flowers, never fruits or vegetables. We've had token edibles — containers of tomatoes […] Read More

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Craft-Challenged Parents

I have a confession to make: my kids have never had a store-bought Halloween costume. Also? Neither did I. Call it a family tradition or call it frugality, but in the end it makes for a more sustainable holiday tradition. Think about it. If you need to buy a new costume for your little darlings […] Read More