A Cure for Watery Homegrown Tomato Sauce

With many gardeners in the thick of their tomato harvest, stock pots are bubbling with tomato sauce, marinara sauce, pizza sauce, homemade ketchup, and lots of other bright red tomato goodness. If you've ever made sauce from fresh tomatoes, you know that no matter how much you cook it down, the sauce often separates, leaving […] Read More

Gluten free pizza crackers for your snacking pleasure.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Crackers

After reading my true confession about Cheez-Its, Amanda from High Prairie Homestead took pity on me and sent a recipe for homemade cheese crackers. I guest posted about making a gluten free version of Cheez-Its for Little House in the Suburbs, but while I was at it I decided to experiment with a gluten free […] Read More

Making bulk sausage at home is easy.

Homemade Spicy Italian Sausage

Making homemade sausage is really easy to do and the results are so much better than the stuff from the grocery store. It takes me about 15 minutes to make a batch of this sausage. All you need is ground pork, some spices, and red wine. I encourage you to try this, especially if you've […] Read More


Homemade Pizza is the Ultimate Fast Food – Really!

  I have two teenage boys. Scratch that. Now I have two full-grown adults. Still, in their perfect world, they would eat pizza every single day. Happily, I have perfected a method of making homemade pizza - with homemade dough - that eliminates the takeout boxes (and the takeout expense) without taking up too much time. […] Read More