Don't toss those radish greens! You can turn them into a spicy spread for crackers or sandwiches. Or, toss it with pasta! It's like free food.

Recipe: Radish Leaf Pesto

Radish leaf pesto is a fabulous way to stretch the harvest from an early spring garden. Serve it over pasta, spread it on crackers, or slather it in mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches.

Late Start Garden Options

Maybe Spring passed you by in a whirlwind and you find yourself gazing at a garden space that's bereft of an actual garden. Or perhaps you had an unsuccessful start due to poor weather or spotty germination. Don't give up now - there's still time to plant! Plenty of crops mature quickly, giving you a […] Read More

Radish Leaf Salad Dressing

Creamy Radish Leaf Salad Dressing

Sure, chickens love radish leaves, but it's a shame to let the chickens have all the fun. I harvested a bunch of radishes from the garden earlier today and saved some of the greens to try this. Consensus? Pretty tasty! Creamy Radish Leaf Salad Dressing Greens from one bunch of radishes (about 1 cup) 1 […] Read More

Saving Seeds

I'm kind of an intermittent seed saver, but it's something I'm interested in doing more of. With so many questionable seed sources these days, I think it's a good idea. It will allow me to maintain a continuous supply of heirloom seeds for my own use, plus I can share or trade the seeds with […] Read More