Got Zippered Plastic Bags? They’re Good for Something!

On an earlier post, Kaye asked,"Does anyone have an idea of what to do with those plastic zippered bags that curtains and blankets come in? I recently ordered a lot of curtains on-line and now I have 10 of those bags. I would really like to repurpose them, but how?" I put the question out […] Read More


You may not know this about me: in addition to spending as much time in the garden as possible, I'm an author and freelance writer. Much of my writing over the past decade has included developing craft projects for kids. It's probably a combination of my desire to waste less, my frugality, and sheer laziness, […] Read More

Garlic Tower: Project Fail

Remember back when I posted about dismantling a pallet so I could use the wood for a project? And remember when I mentioned that I'd be sharing both successes and failures in my attempts at becoming more sustainable? Well it's time for a fail update. This was my plan: turn the wood from a recycled […] Read More

Skip the Bubble Mailers

Instead of mailing or shipping items in bubble mailers or those indestructible Tyvek envelopes from the post office, switch to a more environmentally friendly option. Envelopes that use recycled newsprint as padding are a much better option for the earth than those plastic laden shippers. Of course, if you've received something in a bubble mailer, […] Read More

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Start Using Rechargeable Batteries

Whether you've got kids in the house who burn through batteries at an alarming rate or you just use a few in the course of a year, it makes sense to invest in a small collection of rechargeable batteries and a charger. Single use batteries end up in the landfill once they've run out of […] Read More

Upcycling Pallets

I've been reading a lot lately about clever people turning wood pallets into creative projects. It makes sense; many pallets are not reused, but destined for the landfill; might as well use that wood for something. It makes good sense especially here on this island. Locally made rocks, we have (c'mon, it's a volcanic island!) […] Read More

Just What IS Sustainable?

sus·tain·a·ble maintaining ecological balance: exploiting natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of an area Well, that sounds like a nice idea, now, doesn't it? Here in America (and in many other parts of the world, to be sure) we are no longer living a sustainable life. Native cultures did it, and did it well. […] Read More

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Coffee Break

While my coffee on the run habit has dwindled to a rare indulgence, I find that if I keep a travel mug in my car I'm more likely to remember to use it, thereby diverting at least one paper cup from the landfill. Most coffee shops are happy to serve their patrons coffee in a […] Read More