The Journey to Self-Sufficiency

Improved self-sufficiency isn't something we can achieve quickly and cross off a list. Rather, it's a meandering path of lessons and learning skills.

100 Items to Disappear First

Have you seen this list titled 100 Items to Disappear First? It's a collection of items that, in case of serious emergency, are likely to disappear first. Now, I don't know who created this list* or how accurate it is, but it's worth a look. If nothing else, just to make you think. I tend to […] Read More

I’m a Bloggies Finalist!

What a great way to start off February - I'm adding three more hens to my flock today and I just found out that I'm a finalist for the Bloggies in the Best New Weblog category. (Iwillnotsquee!Iwillnotsquee!Iwillnotsquee!) Such restraint I have, yes? I'd love it if you'd take a moment to vote. And really, it's […] Read More

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Growing Carrots: A Tip from Grandpa

Carrots are not guaranteed a spot in my garden, but when space allows, I utilize a little of my Grandpa's wisdom. One thing that's crucial when starting carrots is that they have constant moisture as they sprout. Seed your row of carrots and water them in well. Place a 1" x 4" board over the […] Read More

Where do we draw the line at living sustainably?

On Sustainability

I mentioned to my 18-year-old the other day that I'd written about homemade oatmeal in a jar here on Attainable Sustainable. "That's not very sustainable," he said. "We can't grow oats here." He's right. My oat habit is not entirely sustainable. I can't grow oats myself. I can't get locally grown oats. But, while I […] Read More


Setting Goals for our Food Consumption

Since our move to this house almost a year ago, I'm still working to get a garden growing. Without the garden, I don't have my usual stash of preserved foods so it's quite a bit more difficult for me to produce a completely homegrown meal. We're working on it, but we're not there yet. Instead […] Read More


Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

With the devastating images coming out of Japan following the deadly earthquake and tsunami, it's a fair question. Would you be ready in case of such a disaster? Like many people living on the Ring of Fire, we found ourselves faced with the threat of a tsunami last night. We're on high ground here, so […] Read More



As more people become aware of the human impact on this earth (and ironically, on our own health) the idea of living a more sustainable, self-sufficient life is gaining ground. But. It's one thing to think, "Hey, I'd love to be more self-sufficient!" and quite another to implement a lifestyle change that might require learning […] Read More