Healthy Lunch Box Ideas with Less Waste

If you send kids off to school every day, you know just how hard it is to pull together a zero-waste lunch. And one that's healthy. If you're trying to skip plastic products as well, it's even harder. What's a parent to do?


Grab and Go Granola Bars and Bites

Once upon a time, when my boys were young and in Little League, we did a lot of eating on the run. The slow cooker helped us manage meals, but people were hungry during those games and seemingly never-ending practices. Granola bars were my go-to grab and go snacks. I chose what I thought were […] Read More


Apples with Less Waste, More Taste

When my kids were young, they'd chomp a single row around an apple and call it done. To eliminate that waste, I started cutting their apples into pieces. To disguise the browning, a friend suggested sprinkling them with cinnamon. Brilliant! And those cinnamon sprinkled apple slices? Tasted an awful lot like the apple pie filling […] Read More

Muffin Tin Snacks on the Go

My friend, Brette Sember, has a new cookbook out! In The Muffin Tin Cookbook, she shares recipes for appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and dessert -- all made in muffin tins. Today, though, she's here to talk snacks. Here's Brette. ### My kids are in their teens now, but I swear I still have crumbs at the bottom […] Read More

Hummus is fabulous served with a bit of feta cheese and kalamata olives.

Homemade Hummus

It kind of blows my mind that so many people buy hummus out of the refrigerator case. But then it occurred to me that maybe it's because that's the only hummus they've ever had. Maybe they don't know how easy it is to make! The first time I had hummus it was homemade by a […] Read More

Gluten free pizza crackers for your snacking pleasure.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Crackers

After reading my true confession about Cheez-Its, Amanda from High Prairie Homestead took pity on me and sent a recipe for homemade cheese crackers. I guest posted about making a gluten free version of Cheez-Its for Little House in the Suburbs, but while I was at it I decided to experiment with a gluten free […] Read More