Composting Coffee Grounds

Jane commented a couple of times on my instant compost post, wondering about adding coffee grounds to her compost pile. (Jane, by the way, has a great movie review site - check it out!) She had heard that they are too acidic and can wreak havoc in a garden. I figure if Jane's asking, other […] Read More

Small Step: Give up Drinking Straws

It seems like a silly thing. Can a simple plastic drinking straw really make much of a difference? But take this into account: One Virginia manufacturer makes four BILLION drinking straws each year. Imagine how much plastic that uses. Imagine how much waste that produces. What if we gave up drinking straws? Sure, many of […] Read More

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Coffee Break

While my coffee on the run habit has dwindled to a rare indulgence, I find that if I keep a travel mug in my car I'm more likely to remember to use it, thereby diverting at least one paper cup from the landfill. Most coffee shops are happy to serve their patrons coffee in a […] Read More