emergency preparedness

From natural disasters to unexpected household issues, planning ahead is smart. Learn how to maintain the emergency supplies you need to keep your family safe and how to stock a household to be ready for unplanned situations.

fire in concrete block rocket stove

Build a Rocket Stove from Concrete Blocks 19

A concrete block rocket stove is easy to make and is great for power outages, camping, and outdoor cooking. Consider this method when you’re ready to build a rocket stove for off-grid cooking. They’re an easy to use, easy to build, clean burning cooking device.

If you're a home canner AND you live in earthquake country, how do you safely store the pantry items you've worked so hard to make? Here's how.

Canning Storage: How to Store Mason Jars in the Pantry 16

Learn proper canning storage techniques in order to make sure that your home-canned goods remain safe. Smart pantry storage will preserve the quality of the food, prevent loss, and even keep the glass jars safe in the event of an earthquake.

Are you Prepared for an Emergency? 19

Like many people living on the Ring of Fire, we found ourselves faced with the threat of a tsunami awhile back. We’re on high ground here, so we weren’t in imminent danger from the tsunami, but there were other possibilities. Damage to our harbors […]