Zucchini Relish Recipe for Topping Burgers and More

zucchini relish on a spoon

This zucchini relish recipe is sweet and somewhat tangy. It makes a great hamburger relish, but it’s great for adding extra flavor to things like egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salad, and even mixed into meatloaf. Zucchini relish is a great way to preserve summer squash for the winter pantry.

Got 60 Seconds? Homemade Mayonnaise is Easier Than You Think

homemade mayonnaise in a white bowl

This homemade mayonnaise recipe is easy to make at home — emulsification is a snap, as you’ll see — and is free of GMO ingredients. This version is quite similar to Best Foods brand mayonnaise. I’ve been avoiding famous mayonnaise brands because they’re typically made from canola or soy oil, both products made from crops [...]

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