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Clean Up with these Homemade Dishwasher Soap Tablets

Homemade dishwasher soap tablets have the convenience of store bought dishwasher tabs, without all of the caustic ingredients. Plus? They’re SO MUCH less expensive! You’ll save money and have squeaky clean dishes, and you’ll know exactly what ingredients are in this homemade dishwasher soap. Clean green!

homemade dishwasher soap tablets on a piece of wood, with peach and teal dish cloths in background.

backyard 'victory gardens' with lots of kale and greens and vegetables growing

Victory Gardens: 7 Reasons to Grow Your Own Backyard Food

During WWI and WWII, the economy was hurting and many Americans struggled to survive. Victory gardens grown in most backyards provided extra food for the family, giving¬† them the nutrition they needed without great expense. 7 reasons to bring back victory gardens Although the […]

Growing Kale in the Home Garden for Dark, Leafy Greens

Growing kale is easy! Its harvest season can last for an extended time, so you’ll reap the benefits of this dark, leafy green for months with just a single planting. Consider growing kale in your garden for fresh use and freeze some for adding to fruit smoothies. The dark green leafy greens are highly nutritious!

kale growing in a garden

Reusable Snack Bags: An Eco-Friendly Food Wrap with Less Waste

These reusable snack bags are perfect for packing dry snacks for lunch or traveling. Looking for a more eco-friendly food wrap? These reusable snack bags – made from cotton fabric and coated with natural beeswax – might be what you need to cut down on disposable lunch packaging.

reusable snack bags filled with mushrooms and celery

boy in hat with brown goats

Goat Farming Basics: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Getting Goats 1

When it comes to adding dairy goats to your homestead, there are some things to consider. Check out these five goat farming basics that you should consider before you bring your first dairy goat home. From companionship to fencing, you’ll want to give serious thought to providing what goats need to thrive.

Fall Clean Up: Four Chores to Tackle Before Winter Sets in

Handling fall clean up chores and preparing for one last garden crop makes autumn a busy time of year. Beekeepers, gardeners, and chicken farmers all need to do a little fall clean up — or assessment — to make sure that the land that sustains them is prepared for winter months. Are these chores on your list?

weeding with pink gloves

How to Make an Outdoor Shower

It’s not difficult to install a tankless water heater to make an outdoor shower, making for easy clean up after gardening and other messy jobs. With some simple plumbing skills and a portable propane tank, you can create an outdoor shower in your garden area or near the pool