Two Roasted Chickpea Recipes for Sweet or Spicy Snacking

Need a healthy snack? Try these two roasted chickpea recipes; sweet, with cinnamon and sugar, or spicy roasted chickpeas. They’re an inexpensive low-fat, high-protein snack, and easy to make, too. These roasted chickpea recipes will satisfy and are a perfect addition to a lunchbox or travel pack.

roasted chickpeas with spices

Deviled eggs with green avocado filling

Avocado Deviled Eggs — A Healthy Appetizer for Your Next Gathering 1

These avocado deviled eggs are the perfect appetizer. Filled with healthy fat and protein from fresh eggs, add them to your holiday table or tailgate party. In the springtime when your hens are laying a lot of eggs, or following Easter, you might find yourself with an overabundance of eggs. Here’s how to use them up!

Chocolate Cut Out Cookies: A Sweet Treat for the Ones You Love

These chocolate cut out cookies are the perfect treat for special days. You can freeze some dough for impromptu baking sessions, too. Make this cut out cookie recipe in the shape of hearts for Valentine’s Day, a tree for Christmas, or a jack-o-lantern to celebrate Halloween. Frosting optional.

canning dried beans in canning jars with silver lids

Canning Dried Beans: Planning Ahead for Fast and Easy Meals 8

Canning dried beans at home makes them ready to use for fast weeknight dinners. Plus, canning beans at home means you’ll skip the BPA-lined cans from the supermarket. Canning beans safely requires the use of a pressure canner, but the process itself is not difficult. Canning dried beans is a great pantry tactic.