There’s just so much to see in this world of ours! When we get outside and start exploring, the discoveries may educate and inform decisions we make in our lives.

As we see how other people tackle problems we face in our gardens, we might be inspired to try them at home. If try see a new way of preparing a dish, it may become a favorite meal around the dinner table, complete with memories from when you discovered it.

Getting out into the natural world is another way our explorations can teach us things. From standing next to a giant tree to discovering that the fungus at its base is edible, we learn every time we take a deep breath and step away from the day-to-day treadmill.

Visiting Seattle: 7 Green Reasons to Go

view of pike market in Seattle, across a brick red cobbled street

Planning a trip to visit Seattle? It’s a great place to stay! Admittedly, Seattle has a growth problem. The fastest growing city in the US since 2010, it’s where Starbucks and REI started and home to Amazon’s corporate headquarters. Housing prices are skyrocketing, says my friend Pam. We love to visit Seattle In spite of [...]