DIY Garden Crafts: Painted Clay Pots

Clay flower pots are the perfect jumping off point for lots of different DIY garden crafts. You can transform them with mosaics, use them to welcome guest at the front door, make a fountain with them, or decorate them with rope for a more rustic look. They’re a perfect blank canvas.

Incidentally, while I love the look of clay flower pots, they can be hard to maintain when they’re used for their original purpose of growing things. They dry out very quickly in the heat of the summer. To help combat this, be sure to couple your clay pots with a saucer and keep it filled with water during the hot months.

For DIY garden crafts, though, clay flower pots rock. Take these red, white, and blue clay pots for instance. They’re super cute and yet easy enough for kids to make. Stick with these colors for a great Fourth of July table decoration, or change up the colors to suit the occasion.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots

You’ll need:


Cover your work surface with newspaper. Paint the flower pot blue. Allow to dry.

Squeeze a bit of white paint onto a recycled lid or directly onto the newspaper. For a circle of white, remove the lead from an unsharpened pencil; for a dot, use the flat of the pencil. Dip the end of the pencil into white acrylic paint; press onto flower pot. Let dry.

Squeeze a small dot of the red glitter glue into the center of each white circle or dot. Allow to dry.

These painted terra cotta pots are decorative and will not hold up in rainy weather. Sealing them with two-to-three coats of spray shellac will offer some protection from the elements.

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