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Gardening Gift Ideas to Fit Any Budget

Want to treat your favorite gardener to something that’s just perfect for them? These gardening gifts will get them growing, and with a range of prices, there’s something here to fit every budget. 

Check out these eco-friendly methods for wrapping gifts, too!

thyme plants wrapped in brown paper

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Budget gifts for gardeners under $20

You don’t have to spend a fortune; these gift ideas will fit most budgets and offer practical, useful items for the gardener in your life.

fun rustic garden signs (great gift!)

Garden signs

These are the most wonderful garden signs. Choose one or give them a set! (I have to admit, I’d have a hard time deciding which one to choose…) $18

Flower bulbs or seeds

You can really never go wrong when you give gardeners plants. A cutting from one of your own favorites is perfect! A collection of narcissus bulbs is perfect for wintertime gift giving, as they can be potted up and “forced,” creating fragrant blooms in the off-season. Seeds are fun, too — maybe something unusual like these birdhouse gourds.

birdhouse gourds hanging

Garden gloves

A busy gardener burns through gloves like crazy, so it’s never a bad idea to set them up with a new pair. These garden gloves are made of hemp. $14

Custom seed packets

If your gardener is a seed saver, you could hardly go wrong with custom seed packets as a gift! This is a digital file, which means that they can print seed packets as needed from year to year — a gift that keeps on giving. They’ll love having their own pretty packets when sharing seeds with gardening friends! $12

Grow bags

I’ve written before about the success I’ve had with grow bags. They’re an easy way to start a garden. They’re reusable. And plants really just thrive in them. They come in a variety of sizes, from small 5-gallon containers that would be perfect for an apartment balcony to 50-gallon bags that will support a multitude of plants. $15-30

lettuce in a fabric pot

Gardener’s hand balm

Digging in the garden can wreak havoc on the hands. A soothing gardener’s hand balm will do wonders to repair the damage and make their hands feel great. $12


Yeah, us gardeners are weird like that. Give us a box full of worms and a homemade vermicomposting bin and we’re happy campers. $10

Gardening gifts $20-$50

Stretch a bit beyond a 20 dollar bill and the options open up to include some unique opportunities for gardening gifts! (And okay, one that’s close to my heart.)

two mushroom logs

Shiitake mushroom logs

For something a little bit different, give your favorite gardener some logs. But not just any logs! These mushroom logs are inoculated with shiitake mushroom spores and will grow a crop of fungi! $25

Bat house kit

Attract bug-eating bats to the garden with this kit for making a bat house. This would be a great project for kids to participate in! $25 (Or opt for this bat house made of upcycled wood.)

Garden tool stool

Gardeners of a certain age can find kneeling for chores to be a bit much on the body. This little folding stool allows for a seated position and comes with a built-in place to store hand tools for easy access. $34

green tshirt that says "I garden because I can" inside a canning jar

A T-shirt that will wow the gardeners AND the canners

I garden because I can. Get it? That’s so punny and I would totally wear this

Gardener’s scissors

Thanks to the wide handles, these gardening scissors are the perfect gift and easy to use with gloves. Perfect for trimming herbs or harvesting cut flowers, the gardener in your life will love these pretty stainless steel and bamboo tools. (And check out that packaging!) $40

Hori hori

The Japanese phrase hori hori translates to dig dig, but this  gardening tool with a serrated blade can be used for digging, planting, or cutting. And it’s beautiful, so it’s a great gift for gardeners! $24

Watering can

I’m a sucker for a pretty watering can, and a believer that you can never have too many! This galvanized watering can is both pretty and functional. $40

Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living

Of course I have to add my own book to this collection of gardening gifts! The book has an entire section on gardening, another on small farming, and then of course there are recipes for preserving the harvest! Go here for even more books on gardening.


Some gardeners have learned via the “School of Hard Knocks,” but you can help a new gardener get straight to the knowledge they need by gifting them a course in gardening. $ varies

  • Karen Chapman offers a variety of courses, including one on container gardening
  • Andrea Whitely this one’s localized for growing in the Perth area!
  • Doug Green offers smart techniques for vegetable gardening
  • Ellen Ogden shows how to design elegant edible gardens
  • Jodi Torpey offers innovative small space solutions

Gifts for gardeners $50-$100

These high-quality items will serve a gardener well for years and years!

celery in a basket

Garden trug

I’ve had my sturdy garden trug (also apparently called a hod?) for years. I use it for bringing in veggies from the garden. I’ve used it to sift compost (a bit clunky, but it worked). It has even been a receptacle for orphaned socks. It’s a sturdy basket and one that will get many years of use. $53

Seed mats

Heated seed starting mats provide warmth from below, leading to more successful germination. Which, of course, leads to a more successful home grown garden! $40-90

Windowsill grow box

Surprise your favorite gardener with a gift of off-season greens! This sweet windowsill grow box will allow them to have fresh greens for a salad, even during the wintertime. $55

hand holding a paper wrapped gift with a sprig of greens - gardening gifts

Gardening gifts over $100

Feeling flush? Want to really treat your favorite gardener well? These gift ideas will make them positively swoon!

tower garden perfect gardening gifts!

Garden Tower

For gardeners who are limited on space but set on growing a lot of food, a Garden Tower — with a composting system at its center — can’t be beat. Fifty plants in just four square feet! $360

Excalibur food dehydrator

The Excalibur dehydrator is an electric option for preserving fruits and vegetables from the garden. It might not be the first thing you think of when you hear “gardening gifts” but a method for preserving the harvest is a must-have!  $140

sliced bananas in a dehydrator

Originally published November 2019; this post has been updated.

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