Edible Front Yard Garden ebook

The Edible Front Yard Garden

Grow Food in the Space You Have

  • Discover pretty and edible plants to grow
  • Considerations for layout and design tips
  • How (and why) to ditch the lawn!

The Edible Front Yard Garden is available as an instant download PDF file.

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Start Growing Food Today!

Edible Front Yard Gardens introduces readers to the idea of utilizing an often-overlooked portion of their yard for growing food.

With a little forethought, suburban front yards can be utilized to grow fruits and veggies to feed the family! Even homes with pesky homeowners association rules can grow a lush landscape of edibles — choosing the right plants means they’ll likely never even know!

This ebook walks would-be gardeners through the different types of crops that can work in a publicly facing front yard and gives simple tips for choosing and placing plant materials based on the author’s experience in the landscape design field.

pretty garden with kale and lavender in raised beds

What’s in this ebook:

Edible Front Yard Gardens features an introduction to the idea of planting food in an area that’s usually reserved for purely ornamental purposes. 

But function and beauty can go hand in hand! 

This ebook introduces readers to a collection of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers that are pretty enough to work into the front yard — and nobody will be the wiser!

  • Mobile-friendly PDF ebook format
  • 30 Pages
  • Instant delivery
  • Money-back guarantee

Order Now for just $9.97!

Grow Food in the Front Yard!

In this 30-page ebook you’ll learn how to:

  • Read about 5 things to consider when planning a front yard garden
  • Discover the difference between annual and perennial crops
  • Learn about 15+ crops that are pretty enough for the front yard
  • Take control of the food you put on your table by growing your own.
  • Fool your homeowners association with a pretty — but productive — front yard
  • Eliminate some (or all) of your lawn, saving time and water

Order Now for just $9.97!

About the author

Kris Bordessa is a freelance writer, author, and eternal experimenter. Raised in a farming family in northern California, she’s—without a doubt—more comfortable in a vegetable garden than a shopping mall. Currently residing in Hawaii with her family, she’s embracing local crops like bananas and kalo (taro) while still stubbornly trying to grow tomatoes and zucchini, which simply don’t thrive in the island climate. Her book Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living was published in 2020 by National Geographic Books. 

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