The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living

Vintage skills like food preservation, soap making, gardening, and even simple home cooking are seeing a resurgence as a new generation seeks the comfort of old-fashioned handmade living. If you’re striving to add a bit of simplicity and self-reliance to your life, join me in embracing old-fashioned simple living for the modern era.

I’m Kris Bordessa, a long-time gardener, certified Master Food Preserver, and award-winning book author. I thrive on trying new things (but admit I don’t always finish them). I love good food, but rarely cook fancy. My mud room is actually muddy, I do most of my flower arranging in the garden, and the windows I’m most likely to wash are those on my greenhouse. I am a hot mess with strong opinions about our food system, plastic waste, and GMOs. If you’re ready to have some fun and learn some new skills, pull up a chair. I’ll put on a pot of chili!

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