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If you’re striving to add a bit of simplicity and self-reliance to your life, join me in embracing old fashioned simple living for the modern era.

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Ready for the Holidays!

Every family has a favorite holiday celebration that’s close to their heart. Usually that’s tied to fun family memories and special shared experiences. From Hallmark holidays to those that are rooted deeply in your beliefs, family traditions are often the catalyst for special memories. Visit my collection of holiday ideas for seasonal inspiration!

Vintage skills like food preservation, soap making, gardening, and even simple home cooking are seeing a resurgence as a new generation seeks the comfort of old-fashioned handmade living.


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green thyme growing in a garden with an oval yellow "thyme" sign

Growing thyme in the home garden provides flavor for the table, but it’s also a versatile plant that can fill many needs in the landscape!

The Easiest Composting Method Ever

compost in a trash can

Composting kitchen waste creates a valuable garden amendment. This trash can method is totally doable in the city or the ‘burbs!

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Pumpkin Recipes: Not Just for Dessert Anymore!

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Your Winter Duck Coop: 5 Tips for Housing Ducks in Cold Weather

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In harsh, cold climates there are some simple tactics for keeping things hospitable in the duck coop. The biggest issue with ducks is the water — they need it, but in harsh winters that water easily turns into a mucky mess or freezes. Adopt these tactics to keep your duck coop habitable and safe for your flock.