When you grow a garden, you no longer need to count on the supermarket produce section. Or in my case, the delivery barge. Taking control of where your food comes from can start right in your own backyard. Or even on a sunny windowsill.

From growing vegetables and fruits to natural pest control and soil improvement, there’s plenty of inspiration for new gardeners here. Start small or start big; just get started!

Let These Gems Turnip in Your Garden

Turnips are a versatile easy-growing healthy root vegetable that is tasty roasted, mashed, or raw. Grow turnips for fresh food in the winter!

Gardening Gift Ideas to Fit Any Budget

Want to treat your favorite gardener to something that’s just perfect for them? These gardening gifts will get them growing, and with a range of prices. 

Take Time to Grow Brussels Sprouts

Looking for a fun new veggie to add to the garden? Try growing Brussels sprouts! They’re fun to watch grow and make a delicious harvest.

Propagating Rosemary from Cuttings

Add some flavor to your garden by propagating rosemary plants. It’s easy and a great way to add more plants to your herb garden for free!