Grow your own food! Whether you’re new to gardening or simply want to expand your knowledge, you’ll find plenty of ideas here for a successful vegetable garden.

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Growing Cucumbers in Your Garden for Pickling and Fresh Eating

Cucumbers add a fresh, light flavor to salads, but they’re also a great addition to fresh smoothies. And of course, they’re the main ingredient in a variety of pickle recipes. Here’s what you need to know about growing cucumbers in your garden. Growing cucumbers […]

Growing Lettuce in Containers to Eliminate Pest Damage

Tender green lettuce leaves are very susceptible to damage from slugs and snails. They’re also a favorite of pests like rabbits and deer, though admittedly those are not a problem for me here. To combat the damage from snails and slugs, try planting lettuce in containers up off the ground.

hands holding rich soil

7 Reasons To Spend More Time Working in the Garden 1

Working in the garden has numerous benefits for your state of mind and health, plus, you’ll reap a harvest. Start growing something today and you’ll not only have fresh produce on the table, but you’ll feel better, too. Dig your hands into the soil and do yourself some good.

Growing Persimmons: The Best Varieties for a Picky Palate

Growing persimmons for a late fall harvest on your homestead? Choosing a persimmon tree will depend on a few factors and how you plan to use the persimmons you grow. Here’s how to decide between an American persimmon tree or a Fuyu persimmon tree.

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Fall Clean Up: Four Chores to Tackle Before Winter Sets in

Handling fall clean up chores and preparing for one last garden crop makes autumn a busy time of year. Beekeepers, gardeners, and chicken farmers all need to do a little fall clean up — or assessment — to make sure that the land that sustains them is prepared for winter months. Are these chores on your list?

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