When you grow a garden, you no longer need to count on the supermarket produce section. Or in my case, the delivery barge. Taking control of where your food comes from can start right in your own backyard. Or even on a sunny windowsill.

From growing vegetables and fruits to natural pest control and soil improvement, there’s plenty of inspiration for new gardeners here. Start small or start big; just get started!

How to Grow Potatoes in Your Home Garden

red potatoes in a galvanized bucket

Learn the basics of how to grow potatoes, how to harvest potatoes, and how to store potatoes from your garden. Growing potatoes is easy & they’re delicious!

Growing Lettuce in Containers to Eliminate Pest Damage

lettuce growing in containers hanging against a green wall

Tender green lettuce leaves are very susceptible to damage from slugs and snails. They’re also a favorite of pests like rabbits and deer, though admittedly those are not a problem for me here. To combat the damage from snails and slugs, try planting lettuce in containers up off the ground.

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