natural pest control

How to battle bugs and diseases in the garden without resorting to harsh chemicals. We can control pests naturally.

Eggshells in the Garden: 5 Ways They’ll Help You Grow Food 62

Using eggshells in the garden can improve your harvest and save you a bit of money, too. Instead of buying supplements or pesticides, use eggshells in the garden to deter pests (slugs and deer!), improve the soil, and boost compost. No sense sending eggshells to the landfill when you can use them in the garden!

bowl full of brown eggshells with a blue towel

One way to eliminate whiteflies is to vacuum them up when they are disturbed.

Common Plant Diseases & Problems to Look For 3

These common plant diseases and pest problems impact both indoor and outdoor plants, but you’ll need to be especially vigilant during seed starting season. Indoor plants can be plagued by these plant diseases, but there are natural methods to control them so you won’t have to resort to toxic pest control.

Companion Planting with Herbs for a More Robust Garden 12

Companion planting is growing specific herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in close proximity to each other, enhancing the growth of both plants. These 7 herbs and flowers all have excellent pest repelling properties to help your vegetable garden thrive. Here’s how to get started companion planting with herbs.

purple cabbage with dill as an example of companion planting

japanese beetle on a leaf

Natural Japanese Beetle Control for your Garden 20

Chinese rose beetles and the Japanese beetle can wreak havoc in a hurry. Here are two methods of natural Japanese beetle control that will reduce their population (as well as that of the Chinese rose beetle). One method of control is a long-game, though — get started with milky spore now.

Raising Chickens: 5 Ways to Put Your Backyard Hens to Work For You 34

Backyard chickens are great for providing eggs (and sometimes meat), but did you know they can actually save you time with your yard work? Raising chickens is great fun and they give you eggs, but they’re also an asset in the garden. Not to mention, they provide copious amounts of chicken manure.

backyard chickens on green pasture