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krisheadshotAloha! I’m glad you’ve made your way to Attainable Sustainable.

Gardening (and preserving that bounty), cooking, and raising animals have always been a part of my life, but those skills are not commonplace these days. While I do have a “country” background—4-H sheep, gardening from a young age, working on the family apple farm—the idea of growing organically or making ecologically sound choices is something that I came to gradually – after I had kids. I had a lot of unlearning to do after growing up in a conventional farm family! My move toward a more self-reliant lifestyle was a natural progression, but not an easy one. We’re up against a lot of hard habits to break, us humans, aren’t we?

Talking this over with a friend, we discussed how tackling one simple task each day could move us toward our goal of becoming more self-reliant, and less dependent upon others to provide what we need. That’s how this site developed. I believe we can all learn to grow, cook, and preserve our own food, no matter what our background. If you’re working to make some changes, the resources below will get you started.

On sustainability:

On growing food:

On changing habits:

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