Whether you have a garden abundance or support your local farmers market, there are a number of food preservation methods that will allow you to store food to last through the winter. There’s nothing better than pulling a jar of fresh applesauce out of the panty in the middle of a cold winter. It’s like summer in a jar. And tomato sauce from the garden? So much better than the store bought stuff.

But canning isn’t the only way to preserve food for long-term storage. In addition to water bath and pressure canning, dehydrating fruits and vegetables, fermentation, and freezing are other methods to try. Start with the food preservation method that seems most doable to you. Soon you’ll have a pantry full of produce to enjoy in the off-season.

Easy Pickled Green Beans for the Pantry

3 jars of pickled green beans

These pickled green beans are a great way to preserve a summer harvest for the winter pantry. They’re crisp, delicious, and perfect for snacking (or Bloody Marys).

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