I’m lucky. I learned to embrace home cooking at the hands of an excellent cook – my mom. Not everyone has that kind of knowledge to fall back on, though.

If you’re aiming to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, my vote for the number one place to start is the kitchen.

Instead of counting on Campbell’s, learn to make your own soup. Instead of falling back on prepackaged spreads, learn to make your own.

How to Can Crushed Tomatoes the Easy Way

3 jars of crushed tomatoes in canning jars

Crushed tomatoes are one of the handiest pantry ingredients to keep on hand for home cooking. Happily, canning crushed tomatoes is also one of the easiest ways to preserve them. 

Delicious Garlic Lemon Basil Sauce

green basil sauce in a white bowl

Make up a batch of this flavorful basil sauce to make pasta salad sing. Drizzle it on grilled chicken. Or spread it in a sandwich. DELICIOUS!

Easy & Fresh Peach Salsa Recipe

square white dish with fresh peach salsa

This sweet and savory fresh peach salsa recipe is a perfect summertime appetizer. Or serve it alongside grilled chicken for a pop of flavor!

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