I’m lucky. I learned to embrace home cooking at the hands of an excellent cook – my mom. Not everyone has that kind of knowledge to fall back on, though.

If you’re aiming to live a more self-reliant lifestyle, my vote for the number one place to start is the kitchen.

Instead of counting on Campbell’s, learn to make your own soup. Instead of falling back on prepackaged spreads, learn to make your own.

Delicious Pumpkin Custard Cups

This pumpkin custard recipe is a perfect holiday dessert, but serve it up whenever you’re dreaming of pumpkin spice season!

How to Make Flavorful Orange Sugar

Perfect for adding a bright flavor to baked goods & tea drinks, orange sugar is also an easy-to-make homemade gift that takes just 5 minutes!

Is Canning in an Instant Pot Safe?

If you’re tackling home food preservation, it’s critical to know what’s safe and what’s not. Is Instant Pot canning too good to be true?