Our dependence on prepared foods, packaged in plastic and paperboard, is a learned habit. It didn’t happen overnight, though. It took several generations for us to shift from cooking at home almost exclusively to the ready-made versions of those same recipes. (I’m looking at you, pudding-in-a-cup!)

This collection of condiments, dips, spreads, and snack recipes to make right in your kitchen will cut your grocery bill and reduce the amount of single-use plastic that enters your home.

Cutting your dependence on these store-bought convenience items is easy! Pick one or two of my favorite condiment or snack recipes and give homemade a try.

Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Store some of this easy strawberry rhubarb jam in the fridge or freezer, or water bath can it to make it shelf stable to enjoy all year long.

Budget-Friendly Homemade Refried Beans

This family favorite refried beans recipe is excellent, and way less expensive than the canned version. Serve them with your favorite Mexican dinner.

Safely Pressure Canning Homemade Broth

Canning chicken stock or turkey stock means that you’ll be able to get meals ready in a hurry using real, homemade ingredients. Plus? It’s like free food!

Fresh Garden Salsa for Summertime Flavor

This fresh garden salsa is a summertime treat. Memorize these five ingredients; you’ll never need a salsa recipe again. Nothing makes salsa as good as fresh ingredients from the garden. This fresh garden salsa will become your favorite way to use up the summer abundance of fresh tomatoes.