These recipes make perfect appetizers for Christmas or Thanksgiving buffets, game day noshing, or just an easygoing light dinner. Make a batch of homemade hummus to serve with a charcuterie plate or try your hand at making homemade BBQ chips or crackers.

With these homemade options, we can snack to our heart’s (and belly’s) content without succumbing to plastic-packaged, ready-to-eat snacks.

If you’re trying to reduce your dependence on grocery stores, these simple appetizers are a great start — make them for a small party or make them for a crowd. You’ll save money (have you seen the price of ready-made hummus??) and eliminate wasteful packaging by making your own snacks and hors de’oeuvres at home.

Easy & Fresh Peach Salsa Recipe

This sweet and savory fresh peach salsa recipe is a perfect summertime appetizer. Or serve it alongside grilled chicken for a pop of flavor!

Turn Pantry Ingredients into this Easy Black Bean Salsa (or Salad!)

This flavorful corn and black bean salsa looks beautiful on a buffet table, plus it’s super easy to make. It’s inexpensive, too! PLUS, by adapting the recipe a bit, you can transform this black bean dip into an easy and filling black bean salad. Homemade, good food for less and without excess packaging.