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Fermented Foods: 50+ Recipes to Get You Started

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In case you’ve yet to delve into fermenting, here’s a collection of fermented foods recipes and tips to get you started. You’ll be so glad you did!

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variety of fermented foods recipes on display in glass jars

We’re hooked on fermented foods.

And we’ve expanded our repertoire: No longer limited to fermenting vegetables, we’ve tried our hands at fermenting fruit, sauces, and seeds, too! The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods is easy to encourage in a wide variety of foods.

Why ferment?

  • Naturally fermented foods recipes are host to the original probiotic and promote a healthy digestive system.
  • It’s a great way to preserve your garden goodness.
  • Fermented foods are delicious.
  • Getting started is easy. (Matt was right.)
Municipal tap water contains chlorine, which can inhibit the fermentation process, so be sure to use filtered or distilled water instead. A Berkey water filter provides clean water that’s free of toxins. Great for making your drinking water free of chemicals, but perfect for fermentation, too.

Getting started with fermented foods:

orange pumpkin spears in canning jar

50+ Fermented foods — recipes you should try

The toughest part of fermenting? Taking the first step to try something different. Once you clear that (mental) hurdle, it’s easy. These recipes for fermented foods bring together garden fresh veggies and probiotics for your digestive system.

Fermented vegetables

Vegetables are probably the most well-known of the fermented food recipes. Everybody knows about sauerkraut, right?

spicy kimchi in a white spiral plate banana pepper puree in measuring cup

Fermented condiments

Spread on the fermented food goodness with these easy recipes.

pineapple salsa in a white dish - a surprising fermented food recipe

Fermented fruit

Adding fermented foods to your diet — like these recipes for probiotic fruits — is good for your gut!

strawberry mead in a glass bottleFermented drinks

Drink up with these delicious recipes for making liquid fermented foods.

fermented veggies in glass jars

Fermented dairy products

Yep, dairy can be fermented, too! Check out these recipes.

Originally published in August 2015; this post has been updated. 

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