Natural Beetle Control in the Garden

Chinese rose beetles and the Japanese beetle infestation can wreak havoc in a hurry. Here are two methods of natural control to reduce their population.

Perennial Peanut Grass: An Evergreen Ground Cover

Perennial peanut grass, an evergreen ground cover, is a great lawn replacement that’s drought tolerant. Mowed, it’s low enough to walk on. This evergreen ground cover has pretty yellow flowers, bright green leaves, and will out-compete grasses and other weeds. Chickens will even eat the yellow flowers.

Gardening Gift Ideas to Fit Any Budget

Want to treat your favorite gardener to something that’s just perfect for them? These gardening gifts will get them growing, and with a range of prices. 

Growing Lettuce in Containers to Eliminate Pest Damage

Tender green lettuce leaves are very susceptible to damage from slugs and snails. They’re also a favorite of pests like rabbits and deer, though admittedly those are not a problem for me here. To combat the damage from snails and slugs, try planting lettuce in containers up off the ground.