Growing a vegetable garden is quite possibly one of the most rewarding activities a person can undertake. A little bit of poking around in the soil can net bushels of fresh produce.

Knowing where your produce comes from and how it was grown is priceless. In a world where so many of us are trying to cut our exposure to unnecessary chemicals in our lives, taking control of our fresh food production is empowering.

From how much to plant and choosing appropriate vegetable varieties for your region, to soil improvement and composting. there’s plenty here to get you started.

Take Time to Grow Brussels Sprouts

Looking for a fun new veggie to add to the garden? Try growing Brussels sprouts! They’re fun to watch grow and make a delicious harvest.

Propagating Rosemary from Cuttings

Add some flavor to your garden by propagating rosemary plants. It’s easy and a great way to add more plants to your herb garden for free!

Growing Dill in the Home Garden

Dill is an attractive and aromatic plant to grow in a garden. Feathery-like foliage is used for flavoring and large, umbrella-like flower heads produce dill seeds.

Cauliflower Power for Your Vegetable Garden

Cauliflower is in the cabbage family, but its looks and flavors are distinctly different. Heads of cauliflower grow from bunches of small florets on a sturdy stem, one reason why “flower” is so prominent in its name.