Garden Planning

Helping you decide what to plant in your vegetable garden or fruit orchard — and how to fit it all in!

6 Reasons to Grow Heirloom Seeds in Your Garden for Fun and Flavor

Need to know the difference between heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds? Or why you might want to opt for heirloom seeds in your vegetable garden? There are plenty of reasons to choose heirlooms instead of their hybrid cousins. Your vegetable garden will shine with some of these vintage varieties!

heirloom seeds spilling from white seed packets

Growing Persimmons: The Best Varieties for a Picky Palate

Growing persimmons for a late fall harvest on your homestead? Choosing a persimmon tree will depend on a few factors and how you plan to use the persimmons you grow. Here’s how to decide between an American persimmon tree or a Fuyu persimmon tree.

group of three persimmons hanging on a branch

fresh asparagus laying on dark soil

Perennial Vegetables and Fruits: Plant Once, Harvest for Years 1

Plants that come back every year are called perennial plants. They live for at least two seasons, and sometimes much, much longer. Perennial vegetables and fruits are productive plants that come back every year. Talk about a time saver in the garden! (You can thank me later.)

Plant Your Own Garden: How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch

Plant your own garden. Here’s how to start a vegetable garden from scratch and harvest fresh vegetables from your own yard! Whether you live on an urban lot or out in the suburbs (or even on acreage) you can manage to grow some of your own food by planting a vegetable garden.

bare soil with a galvanized watering can and leather gloves