Planning a vegetable garden means thinking about what you have, what you need, and what you want from your gardening efforts.

Starting a vegetable garden requires a bit of forethought. You could just toss seeds into the wind and hope for the best, but that’s unlikely to generate a worthwhile crop.

Understanding the needs of different crops will help you decide where to plant them. Or whether to plant them at all. Garden planning sometimes means compromising on what will grow well versus your ideals.

Growing Persimmons: The Best Varieties for a Picky Palate

Growing persimmons for a late fall harvest on your homestead? Choosing a persimmon tree will depend on a few factors and how you plan to use the persimmons you grow. Here’s how to decide between an American persimmon tree or a Fuyu persimmon tree.

Drought Gardening for an Abundant Harvest

Choosing drought tolerant crops and using water wise methods when planting a vegetable garden can assure a harvest in harsh conditions. Drought conditions aren’t ideal, but there are some tactics you can take to create a drought tolerant garden that will produce a harvest for you.