Drought Resistant Crops & Water Wise Techniques for the Veggie Garden

Choosing drought tolerant crops and using water wise methods when planting a vegetable garden can assure a harvest in harsh conditions. Drought conditions aren’t ideal, but there are some tactics you can take to create a drought tolerant garden that will produce a harvest for you.

How to Save Heirloom Seeds for Next Year’s Garden

Seed saving is something gardeners have been doing forever. It’s a great way to maintain a continuous supply of heirloom or open-pollinated seeds. Instead of depending on the nursery or your favorite seed catalog every year, you can save seeds from crops you grow and plant them again the following year.

Five Reasons to Ditch the Lawn and Plant a Front Yard Garden

A lush green lawn has become a mandatory calling card in many communities. But your lawn might be making you sick. And it’s certainly not a sustainable solution. Here’s why you should consider ditching the grass for a healthier family and planet!