Small Space Gardening

Urban gardeners unite! Growing some of your own food is smart and can save you some cash at the checkout. No matter what size your yard (or apartment!) is, you can have a productive vegetable garden using techniques like vertical gardening, container gardening, and maximizing your garden yields.

hanging baskets with lettuce growing in them

Growing Lettuce in Containers to Eliminate Pest Damage

Tender green lettuce leaves are very susceptible to damage from slugs and snails. They’re also a favorite of pests like rabbits and deer, though admittedly those are not a problem for me here. To combat the damage from snails and slugs, try planting lettuce in containers up off the ground.

Growing Tomatoes in Containers to Save Space

Growing tomatoes in containers is a great way to generate a crop in a small garden space. Here, the best way to plant tomatoes, the best soil for tomatoes, and how to maintain plants for success. Your summertime vegetable harvest will be huge!

red and green tomatoes on a tomato vine in a container

How to: Growing Blueberries in Containers 7

Growing blueberries is a great way to produce some of your own fruit right in your own backyard. You don’t need a lot of space – they do great in containers. Plus? They’re a very pretty plant, so they’ll look good and you might even get away with putting them in the front yard, HOA be damned!

Urban Fruit Trees: Creating an Edible Landscape for a Small Scale Harvest 4

Urban fruit! An edible landscape is great for city gardeners and fruiting trees are a perfect addition to an edible landscape. They’re beautiful, functional as they provide shade, and they can produce fruit within 3-5 years. Planting a fruit tree now will provide an abundant harvest for years to come.

fruit trees in bloom with green grass below

How to Build a Bamboo Trellis for your Garden 2

Learn how to make a bamboo trellis for your garden. Where bamboo is plentiful, it’s an excellent building material and resource for gardeners. Using bamboo to build a teepee style trellis is an easy way to provide support for your vines, tomatoes, and other vegetables that need support as they grow.

bamboo trellis in the garden