Are You Clogging the Landfills with Styrofoam?

Now here's a challenge that will be either super easy for you or really hard - especially if you order takeout on a regular basis in certain states (ahem, Hawaii!). While some communities have banned polystyrene (Styrofoam is a brand name for polystyrene), others continue to allow restaurants and food service companies to serve meals […] Read More

Straw Bale Fail

(If you're reading this on the front page, click through for more images.) I've been gardening for years, but the idea of planting in straw bales is new to me. I ran across this post about straw bale gardening earlier this year and was intrigued enough to mention in on the Attainable Sustainable Facebook page. […] Read More

Beets fresh out of the garden are destined for this favorite "beet caviar" salad.

Beet Caviar: The Irresistible Purple Salad

Beets fresh out of the garden are destined for this favorite "beet caviar" salad.

Guest Post: Vampire Power

Matthew Epperson contacted me recently to find out if I'd be open to having him guest post here on Attainable Sustainable. I'm always open to hearing how other people are living a more sustainable life, so I accepted! Matthew is a recent University of Georgia graduate with a BS in Psychology, and is continuing as […] Read More

More Shower Curtain Smarts

Wow. Who knew that a short, two sentence post about switching from a plastic/vinyl shower curtain to cloth would generate so many questions? Melanie said: Boy, in theory I agree with you, but I always seem to go with plastic because they’re so much easier to keep mildew-free in my house. As someone who lives […] Read More


Shower Curtain Smarts

Next time you need a shower curtain, choose fabric rather than plastic. Fabric shower curtains are easier to wash and reuse, and don't emit toxic fumes like PVC curtains do. Photo: Flickr user kissyface under Creative Commons […] Read More

Making Tough Changes

With the encouragement of my son, I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a long time: I gave up my kitchen sponge. That may seem like no big deal, but breaking lifetime habits is hard. I've been listening to all the talk about just how scungy sponges are and how they harbor […] Read More

Gopher mound

Eradicating Gophers in the Garden

Gophers are not a problem here in the islands, but as a longtime California gardener, I know how damaging they can be. If you're new to gardening, you may not have given these underground pests much thought - yet. One minute, there’s no sign of them; the next minute one of your pampered plants has […] Read More

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Five Reasons to Replace Your Lawn with Vegetables

I recently wrote for GeekMom about Julie Bass and her family's fight with the City of Oak Park, Michigan over a front yard vegetable garden. The city wants the Bass family to remove the vegetable garden and put in lawn and shrubs like their neighbors. Obviously, I think this is ridiculous, but let me expand […] Read More


Harvesting Basil

Basil is one of those wonderful garden plants that just keeps coming. Unlike radishes and beets that are done once you harvest them, basil plants provide their pungent goodness for months if you can stay on top of them. Basil should be harvested regularly to prevent flowering. To do so, simply use scissors to trim […] Read More