Small Step: Give up Drinking Straws

It seems like a silly thing. Can a simple plastic drinking straw really make much of a difference? But take this into account: One Virginia manufacturer makes four BILLION drinking straws each year. Imagine how much plastic that uses. Imagine how much waste that produces. What if we gave up drinking straws? Sure, many of […] Read More


Plastic-Free Freezer Storage

We've been talking a bit over on the Attainable Sustainable Facebook page about how to store food in the freezer without using plastic containers. It's a big stumbling block for people like me who want to preserve garden bounty (I freeze vegetables like green beans; their acid content is too low for water bath canning) […] Read More


Are You Making This Mistake at the Post Office?

If you toss your paper trash into a receptacle at your United States Post Office, it might be going straight to the landfill. Not all offices recycle their paper waste due to privacy issues (mine does not). Ask; if yours doesn't, bring the junk mail home with you and add it to your recycle bin. […] Read More


Doing the Right Thing OR Chicken Butchering 101

Although I'm not including any graphic images here, if you're one of my vegetarian readers, you will probably want to come back later in the week for a gentler post. ### Dinner last night was chicken. Chicken that I've been telling everyone I butchered myself. This is not entirely accurate. While the butchering occurred right […] Read More

How do you Bag It?

 I watched Bag It over the weekend. The movie begins as a "regular guy," Jeb Berrier, wonders about the plastic bag he uses to carry a yogurt home in. As he researches and learns more about the environmental impact of choosing a plastic bag, his questions lead to more questions. What about plastic bottles?  How […] Read More

Guest Post: Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

When I posted about switching from boxed and canned goods to homemade alternatives, Heather Anderson, who blogs at A Mother's Calling, commented: ...The one thing I had a hard time replacing in casseroles and soups was cream of mushroom soup. But I found a great recipe that works great for me, so no more cream […] Read More

Celebrate Earth Day!

If you're here reading this post, you're likely aware of your impact on Mother Earth and are trying to lighten that impact. By depending more upon ourselves for our needs and less on big business, we are eliminating unnecessary fossil fuel use, pesticide use, and chemical use. We're not, any of us, perfect, but we're […] Read More

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A More Sustainable Easter Basket

If your kids are expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny, now's a good time to alert the rabbit to the fact that your household would appreciate a little less waste than usual. The "Basket" Sure, we call it a basket, but it's just as common nowadays to see a plastic bucket or toy stand […] Read More

Save Energy, Water, and Time by Using Towels More than Once

Less laundry = more time for other activities, plus it saves energy and water. Instead of getting a fresh bath towel every time you shower, hang your damp towel up to dry and use it several times before you toss it in the laundry pile. Bonus: your towels will last longer meaning you won't have […] Read More

Deep Watering in the Garden

I've mentioned before the fact that my soil has a hard time holding on to moisture. Between that and the fact that some of my veggies are planted on a slope to utilize as much of our space as possible, getting water to the roots of my plants - and keeping it there for a […] Read More