Grainy mustard - it's a snap to make at home!

Homemade Grainy Mustard – Yes, Really

Mm. Mustard. I love mustard. But those fancy pants Dijon mustards give me a headache. I can get organic Dijon that comes in plastic. Or non-organic Dijon in glass. (Go figure, right?) Then it occurred to me that this is yet another product we've become accustomed to buying ready to use, when there's a perfectly good […] Read More

July Challenge: No Bottled Drinks

I heard lots of success stories from the people who tackled the no drinking straw challenge. And the one local food a day challenge seemed to go well. But now I'm really going to ask you to stretch a bit! Throughout the month of July I invite you to go plastic bottle free. Yes, in […] Read More

More on Leaf and Tree Hoppers

Remember back when I posted about hand picking leaf hoppers? I've learned some things since then. 1. It seems that what I have are tree hoppers rather than leaf hoppers (who knew?). 2. And thanks to a Facebook community member (thank you, Brenda!), I've discovered that some little black critters - that look nothing like […] Read More

Mini bags for buying bulk spices

Mini Bags for Small Bulk Items

No more little plastic spice bottles in the trash! Learn to make sweet fabric bags for purchasing bulk items in small quantities.

Know what parts of your canning jars are reusable and which ones aren't!

Anatomy of a Canning Jar

If you've never preserved your garden abundance by canning, the system can be a little confusing. A friend of mine---one who's never canned before---was asking about home preservation and I was reminded that although I grew up understanding how a canning jar works, many people just don't. The jars most commonly used for home preservation […] Read More

Succession Planting

Finally! The weather seems to have cooperated all across the U.S. and gardens are in. But instead of simply cheering on the first of the radishes or ogling the tiny beans on your plants, think ahead. What happens when you pull out those mature radishes and add them to your table? Unless you've planted another […] Read More

DIY chicken stock

Homemade Chicken Stock

Chicken stock - or bone broth - is easy to make and essentially free!

Making bulk sausage at home is easy.

Homemade Spicy Italian Sausage

Making homemade sausage is really easy to do and the results are so much better than the stuff from the grocery store. It takes me about 15 minutes to make a batch of this sausage. All you need is ground pork, some spices, and red wine. I encourage you to try this, especially if you've […] Read More


Dirt! The Movie

I've always taught my kids that dirt made their meals. I've discussed with them that they need to be able to trace their food back to dirt within three or four steps (milk comes from cows, who eat the grass, that grows in the dirt) to be sure they're making good food choices. Now, Dirt! […] Read More

Make it a Clean Sweep

  If it's time to replace your broom, reconsider the modern day plastic option and choose a straw broom with a wooden handle. If you're looking for something really different (what a cool gift!), check out these hale (house) brooms made in Hawaii using traditional methods. Or if you're super handy, you might consider making […] Read More