Hidden Treasure: Avocadoes

This is what happens when the avocados that are out of reach start to ripen. We find several of these treasures lying around the yard a day. Happily, they don't seem to be too damaged by the fall. All we have to do is collect them and give them a day or three to ripen […] Read More


I've struggled to grow bell peppers in the past. They just didn't thrive and they took a really long time to mature. A couple of years ago I picked up a six-pack of hybrid Gypsy bells and planted them in my California garden. And oh my word. Talk about prolific! These peppers were nice and […] Read More


It's Memorial Day Weekend and normally, I wouldn't even consider posting here. However, the WordCount blogathon continues, and I've made it this far, posting every day in May. For the weekend, you'll have to content yourself with an image a day from my garden. Today: broccoli. This is the first time I've grown broccoli, so […] Read More

Saving Seeds

I'm kind of an intermittent seed saver, but it's something I'm interested in doing more of. With so many questionable seed sources these days, I think it's a good idea. It will allow me to maintain a continuous supply of heirloom seeds for my own use, plus I can share or trade the seeds with […] Read More

Wild Chickens and Ethics

Someone asked about our wild chickens - how exactly does that happen? We have maybe 15-20 that roam the gulley behind our house. These are chickens that are descended, I believe, from some of the cock fighting roosters that are prolific here, in spite of the fact that the "sport" is illegal. Did they escape? […] Read More

Razors for Green Living

My friend Cynthia asked me awhile back about razors, wondering what razor offers the least environmental impact. It's a good question and my answer is: it depends. Let's start with this: single use disposables are definitely out. Even if you manage to use these for a week before the blades dull, you're still throwing out […] Read More

How to Plant Tomatoes

If you've not yet planted your tomato plants out into the garden, let me share a little tip with you. With most other plants, you want to set the plant in the earth so that the soil level of the potted plant is at the same level as your garden soil. Tomato plants, however, like […] Read More

Make Your Own Vanilla

I've been meaning to make my own vanilla for ages, but I keep forgetting. My husband (the baker in the family) sees that we're low and picks up a big bottle at Costco, perpetuating a vicious vanilla cycle. Every bottle we get from the store is one more piece of plastic that we have to […] Read More

Free Mulch

How about a truckload of mulch for free? We have a couple of locations on the island that offer a green waste program. People drop off yard waste and the nice folks at the transfer station grind it up and turn it into mulch. The community is invited to pick up mulch for free. Our […] Read More

And the PlanetBox Winner is…

Amanda with no last name! Now, there were a couple of entries with the name Amanda but the winner wrote this: Love this lunch box! I “liked” your Facebook page a while ago I just subscribed via RSS and email, shared the post on Facebook and mentioned it on Twitter (5 entries)! My fingers are […] Read More