Christmas Party Games: Our Family’s Favorite 3

Even if you’re trying to reduce your use of gift wrap this holiday season, as I am, you can bet that a fair amount of wrapping paper will still cross your threshold. Instead of just recycling that paper this year, start making a gift wrap ball that you can enjoy during the next holiday season. It’s become a much-anticipated family tradition around here and one of our favorite Christmas party games.

One of our favorite Christmas party games: Salvage wrapping paper and packaging bits to create a "game that just might become a treasured family tradition.

Try one of our favorite Christmas party games

Begin by wrapping a small prize (or if you have teens, cold, hard cash) in a section of used gift wrap. Layer on additional wrap to create a ball, securing it tightly. Throughout the year, on birthdays and other holidays, add more layers of salvaged gift wrap to the ball. By the time next December rolls around, you’ll have an impressively sized ball.

  • Short of gift wrap? Raid the recycle pile and use newspaper or magazine pages. I use cardboard, Tyvex envelopes, and packing material, too.
  • To secure the layers, I use whatever kind of tape I have on hand, along with yarn, string, and leftover ribbon bits.
  • The bigger the ball, the better, especially if you have a large group.
  • There are no points for beauty. Martha Stewart would not approve.
  • Use different kinds of tape for each layer, and alternative wrapping materials, too. It will prolong the game and give a second life to weird bits of plastic before it lands in the recycle bin.

To play, have family members sit in a circle with the ball and a pair of dice. One player begins unwrapping the ball as fast as he can while the player to his left rolls the dice repeatedly until he gets a 7. When he does, the ball is passed to him to unwrap, and the dice are passed to the next player. Ripping and dice-rolling continues until someone finally reaches the prize and claims it as the winner.

Here’s what we’ve found: Kids? Grandparents? Once the dice start rolling, they’re all in it to win it.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Party Games: Our Family’s Favorite

  • Jennifer Margulis

    Sounds like a fun game. I love this idea! We use old calendars and maps to wrap gifts. But despite trying not to buy wrap there’s always a lot at the holidays.

    • Brenda

      we have played this fun game but we use OVEN MITTS to make it even crazier!!

      • Kris Bordessa Post author

        THAT is hilarious. We might have to implement that!