Fired up for Fall? Step Away From the Matches!

For years we lived in a rural area that meant a longish drive on a country road to get home. In the autumn, one resident on this winding country road - a stranger to us - seemed almost to wait for leaf fall. As soon as the oak leaves started dropping, the homeowner started raking. […] Read More


The Resilient Gardener is a Must Read!

I loved this book. Really loved it. It's chock full of information and at the same time takes readers on a wandering tour through the author's farm and garden. In The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times, Carol Deppe discusses how to create successful gardens, overcome weather-related issues, and even how to […] Read More


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Sometimes it's the simple things that can change the world.

10 Simple Steps Toward Self-Reliance You Can Take TODAY

Learning to cook. If we outsource the job of cooking and preparing food for our families, we give over control of what we eat. I'm not talking about your much-loved girls' night out or the special occasion restaurant dinners that you love. I'm talking about day in, day out feeding your family. If you know […] Read More

Tomatoes: To Prune or Not To Prune

First, let's be clear. We're all busy. If you don't have time to add "prune tomatoes" to your to-do list, carry on. It's not a mandatory chore for growing tomatoes. That said, I do prune my tomatoes. Here's why: Pruning out excess foliage allows for better air circulation, helping to prevent disease. (I live in […] Read More

Late Start Garden Options

Maybe Spring passed you by in a whirlwind and you find yourself gazing at a garden space that's bereft of an actual garden. Or perhaps you had an unsuccessful start due to poor weather or spotty germination. Don't give up now - there's still time to plant! Plenty of crops mature quickly, giving you a […] Read More

Planting for Disease Resistance

Turns out, powdery mildew is a real problem for Hawaii gardeners - not just a random issue, but a guaranteed-to-happen-every-single-year disease. I've been fighting back by spraying my plants with a milk spray (1 part milk, 9 parts water) and it seems to help, but I feel a little like the fabled boy who put […] Read More

tomato plant - thriving

A Tale of Two Tomatoes

An unexpected science project happens in the garden when I plant two tomato plants in two different spots.

Grow Swiss chard

Grow: Swiss Chard

Even apartment dwellers can grow a pot of chard and the beauty of a pot of chard is that it will provide food for months.


66 Small Changes to Make a Big Difference

Changing how we do things - even just a little bit - can make a huge impact on our environment and the sustainability of this planet.