As people embrace the idea of growing some of their own produce, many are also pondering the idea of raising small animals for their eggs, meat, or manure. Others are raising bees as they embark on an urban farming adventure.

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Bird Mites: Natural Control for your Flock

Bird mites (also called poultry mites or chicken mites) are a chicken owner’s nightmare. They’re tiny, and they bite, and they can make chickens very sick — even causing death. Here are a number of different treatments and tactics to combat poultry mites in your flock.

How to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer Heat

Try implementing some of these easy tricks to keep chickens cool & make the heat more bearable for your hens. Summer heat doesn’t have to = miserable hens.

9 Ways to Use Chickens in the Garden

9 Ways to put your hens to work! Take advantage of their natural foraging habits and put chickens to work in the garden. Free labor, plus you’ll get eggs!