boy in hat with brown goats

Goat Farming Basics: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Getting Goats 1

When it comes to adding dairy goats to your homestead, there are some things to consider. Check out these five goat farming basics that you should consider before you bring your first dairy goat home. From companionship to fencing, you’ll want to give serious thought to providing what goats need to thrive.

Sprouting Grains for Livestock & Poultry Fodder 3

Cut your animal feed costs substantially by sprouting grains like oats, wheat, or barley into fodder. It’s great, inexpensive chicken food and good for other livestock, too. Fifty pounds of whole grain can be transformed into as much as 300 pounds of fodder simply by sprouting it.

green fodder from oats growing in planter

3 Good Duck Breeds for Beginners 4

Choosing which duck breeds are best for your backyard farm requires a bit of assessment. Are you raising them primarily for eggs? Or are they meat birds? Do you need a duck breed that is docile? Or is it okay if they’re a bit nervous? Here are three to try, complete with what you can expect from each.

Your Winter Duck Coop: 5 Tips for Keeping Ducks in Cold Weather 17

In harsh, cold climates there are some simple tactics for keeping things hospitable in the duck coop. The biggest issue with ducks is the water — they need it, but in harsh winters that water easily turns into a mucky mess or freezes. Adopt these tactics to keep your duck coop habitable and safe for your flock.

chicken flock on green grass behind chicken wire

Chicken Supplies: Must-Have Chicken Gear to Keep in the Coop 13

When it comes to chicken supplies, this is the chicken gear and chicken equipment you’ll be happy to have in your coop at the moment when you need it. Chickens are easy to raise, but knowing what supplies will serve you best will save you a headache or two in the long run. Keep these items on hand!

How to Raise Ducks on Your Homestead 5

Adding ducks to your little homestead? Here’s how to raise ducks and ducklings, along with some other pertinent information about raising ducks. The good news is, raising ducks for eggs or meat is not hard. Plus? Ducks are great at foraging for slugs and helping with pest control in the garden.

fluffy yellow ducklings eating out of white bowl

Raising Pigeons for Meat 4

Could raising pigeons for meat be a way to provide protein on your small homestead? It’s an unusual choice in America, but pigeons are a protein source elsewhere.

Pigeon with green and purple feathers