Kris Bordessa

Making your own mayonnaise? Totally doable.

Recipe: Homemade Mayonnaise

  I've been avoiding famous mayonnaise brands because they're typically made from canola or soy oil, both products made from crops that are commonly genetically modified. I spent a small fortune on a "certified non-gmo" canola mayonnaise a couple of months ago, only to find it was terrible a really good replication of Miracle Whip. […] Read More

gift ball

A Fun Family Game From Recycled Gift Wrap? You Betcha!

Salvage wrapping paper and packaging bits to create a "gift ball" game that just might become a treasured family tradition.


Compost Tumbler for Invasive Weeds – Does it Work?

Depending upon your situation, a compost tumbler might be the answer for dealing with invasive weeds.

Rest in Peace, King Henry

King Henry, a docile bantam black cochin who was ever alert for a stray centipede or impending danger to his flock, died earlier this week at the hands of an intruder. In spite of his epic rooster skills, King Henry had a long rap sheet. Accused of disturbing the peace and breaking and entering on numerous […] Read More

Xanthan gum DOES make a difference!

Baking Gluten Free – Is Xanthan Gum Necessary?

I've been gluten free for a couple of years, my son for about a year. All of our baked goods are made in-house, but most gluten free recipes call for xanthan gum. That just sounds so unnatural and additive-y and certainly not something that can be harvested from somebody's farm. It's not as bad as […] Read More

Spicy Chorizo Soup

Recipe: Chorizo Soup

When people think about Hawaii, they generally imagine warm, palm lined beaches with an ‘ukulele playing Hawaiian music in the background. (Right?) But that’s not always the case. I live at the 1,000-foot elevation on the Big Island where it’s lush and green and mild. But it gets cool so I find myself serving soup […] Read More

sugar beets

NPR: Busting Myths About GMOs (Or Maybe Not)

My son posted a link on Facebook to an NPR article, with his own commentary: "How much did Monsanto slide you for this one, NPR?" In Top Five Myths of GMOS, Busted, NPR addresses some of the misconceptions we might have about genetic engineering. I'm not going to go so far as to accuse NPR of biased reporting and […] Read More

Recipe: Homemade Granola

Packaged cereal has become a breakfast staple in America, but we gave it up long ago. In fact, we stopped buying cereal regularly long before I before I began this whole sustainable quest of mine, mostly because even after two (expensive) bowls full of cereal, my boys were hungry again by mid-morning. It just didn't […] Read More


30 Hidden Sources of GMOs in our Diet

For hundreds of years American farmers have been growing crops, saving seeds from one year to plant the next. Remember Almanzo Wilder and his hidden wheat during The Long Winter? From seed potatoes to corn and wheat, keeping a portion of the crop to be planted for the next growing season is a perfect example […] Read More


The NFL and Breast Cancer Awareness: Unclear on the Concept

With Breast Cancer Awareness month in full swing, I appreciate that the manliest of sports is acknowledging and supporting a mostly female disease in stadiums and on countless TVs across the nation. And raising funds for breast cancer research is certainly admirable. But hello NFL! The pink chin straps, the pink cleats, the pink padding […] Read More