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Traveling? Leave the Plastic Bottles Behind

Even with the stringent TSA restrictions about carrying water bottles on planes, I always travel with my refillable bottles.


Homemade Applesauce for Canning or Fresh Eating

  I grew up on an apple farm. When one grows up on an apple farm, one gets a bit picky about homemade applesauce. Nice and chunky, lots of cinnamon, and it must be made from Gravenstein apples. Of course, that last rule is entirely flexible depending upon your preferences, but I assure you that […] Read More

Green chicken chili

6-Ingredient White Chicken Chili

A hot and hearty meal in under an hour.


Knowledge Matters

The knowledge and skills we're acquiring in our quest toward self-reliance are those same skills that many of our grandparents had.


10 Tips: Eating Healthy For Less

I ran across a post the other day at Broke Parents lamenting the high cost of eating healthy. In her post, Bobbi says: I am constantly seeing chefs and health/nutrition experts on TV claiming it’s a myth that it costs a lot to eat a healthy diet. They go through all of these examples to […] Read More

Tomatoes: To Prune or Not To Prune

First, let's be clear. We're all busy. If you don't have time to add "prune tomatoes" to your to-do list, carry on. It's not a mandatory chore for growing tomatoes. That said, I do prune my tomatoes. Here's why: Pruning out excess foliage allows for better air circulation, helping to prevent disease. (I live in […] Read More

Late Start Garden Options

Maybe Spring passed you by in a whirlwind and you find yourself gazing at a garden space that's bereft of an actual garden. Or perhaps you had an unsuccessful start due to poor weather or spotty germination. Don't give up now - there's still time to plant! Plenty of crops mature quickly, giving you a […] Read More

Planting for Disease Resistance

Turns out, powdery mildew is a real problem for Hawaii gardeners - not just a random issue, but a guaranteed-to-happen-every-single-year disease. I've been fighting back by spraying my plants with a milk spray (1 part milk, 9 parts water) and it seems to help, but I feel a little like the fabled boy who put […] Read More

Honor stand located on Hawaii Island. What would YOU choose?

All Our Stuff Comes on Barges…

Maui students create a parody of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" to educate people about Hawaii's dependence on imported food.

This is what the water looked like when we first got the fish home.

Raising Tilapia – Easier Than You’d Think

Search the Internet and you'll find all kinds of sites about raising tilapia: Instructions for building elaborate aquaponics systems, forums full of (sometimes contradictory) advice, specifications for proper pumping systems based on number of fish, feet of lift, and gallons per minute. So many calculations! It seemed like raising tilapia was maybe a bigger project […] Read More