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Use It Or Lose It

I've been preserving my garden produce for years - I'd say at least 25 years or so. Only within the last few years, though, have I found a solution to using my canned goods in an organized manner, making sure that we had enough to last us until the next season or avoiding an excess […] Read More

Fresh tomatoes are a source of food for an extended period in the garden.

Upside-Down Tomatoes

While much of our steep lot is shady, we have plenty of sunshine on our driveway. My husband, however, is steadfast in his refusal to rip up the concrete to put in a garden. Not to be dissuaded, I came up with an alternative plan to utilize the space: upside down tomatoes. You've seen those […] Read More

What’s YOUR Definition of an Urban Farmer?

[…] Read More


Parents Need to Eat Too

One thing I hear - a lot - when I talk about living a more conscious lifestyle is that, yes, that's all fine and good. Until you have kids. Babies have a way of interrupting things, don't they? Less time for yourself, less time for tackling things like recycling or gardening or even cooking. Well, […] Read More

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Recipe: Radish Leaf Pesto

Radishes are one of the fastest ripening crops a gardener can plant. If you're aching to have something - anything - that you grew yourself on the dinner table, radishes are a good bet. They're one of the earliest crops you can plant, and are ready in just 3-4 weeks from planting date. But don't […] Read More

Is that Banana Irradiated? Here’s How to Tell.

You know how you start out innocently on the internet and see something of interest so you click? And pretty soon you've disappeared down a rabbit hole and your dishes still need to be washed and laundry needs to be hung and you never planted those seeds? That's how this started. I don't recall how […] Read More


What’s in Your Vinegar?

Truly, is nothing sacred? If you've been grabbing the same vinegar off the shelf for years, not giving it a second thought, it's time to do a little label reading. Apple cider vinegar? Depending on your brand, it may now be 'apple cider flavored' vinegar. Ditto for what you thought was white wine vinegar. Heinz […] Read More

Photo and styling by my son. ;)

In Praise of Napkin Rings

Napkin rings? What, am I Martha? Actually, no. Martha would be quite horrified at the table I set each night. And yet, I do use napkin rings. Once upon a time, it occurred to me that the cloth napkins we use daily probably don't need to be washed daily. I mean, after ribs or pizza […] Read More

New Chickens, Orange Blossoms, and Peas

I added three new hens - six months old and already laying - to the flock last week. We've had Danish Brown Leghorns in the past and really liked them for their hardiness, so I was happy to find these. My friend Kate asked for pics of the new chickens, so I figured I'd take […] Read More

Easy steps to reduce your household trash

Reduce your Household Waste

Let's face it: we throw away too much stuff. I don't think I'll get any argument there. Disposable products, packaging, electronics that seem to define planned obsolescence, it all ends up in the landfill. The first and most obvious way to stop throwing away so much trash is to stop bringing it into your house […] Read More