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Know How: Harvesting Lettuce

Unless you're growing head lettuce, your greens can be a "cut and come again" crop. Instead of pulling the entire plant, thus ending the fresh salads, use scissors to cut off the outer leaves near the base of the plant. Leave the inner leaves intact and the entire plant will continue to grow. I've been […] Read More

Troubleshooting: Tomato Seedlings

One of my readers, Ray, is trying valiantly to grow carefully chosen tomatoes from seed. But he's getting frustrated: My plants were looking a little yellow so I figured they needed sun, but maybe I left them out too long. Some look basically dead...leaves are like blanched or something. How long does it take usually […] Read More

Success: Upside-Down Tomatoes

I posted earlier about my upside-down tomato experiment.  After several months of growing, this is what it looks like: And here's another plant, complete with ripening fruit:   There is some slight browning on the edges of some of the leaves that I'm keeping my eyes on. I'm watering only about once a week, which surprises me. […] Read More

Guest Post: Muffin Tin Snacks on the Go

My friend, Brette Sember, has a new cookbook out! In The Muffin Tin Cookbook, she shares recipes for appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and dessert -- all made in muffin tins. Today, though, she's here to talk snacks. Here's Brette. ### My kids are in their teens now, but I swear I still have crumbs at the bottom […] Read More


Spend $60 to Save Long Term on Energy

We don't use a microwave, so all of our baking and food warming happens in our oven. My son cooks himself a hot lunch daily, so it's not unusual for the oven to be warmed up to 350 degrees a couple of times a day. Even though I usually try to combine dinner preparation with […] Read More

Emergency Storage in Earthquake Country

My friend Toni asked the other day: I am having a conundrum. Living in earthquake country as I do, I am nervous about having the bulk of my emergency supplies in glass jars. Earthquakes are not glass friendly. In the case of a large quake we are likely to lose power for some period of […] Read More

Homemade Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

  Fact: Cheez-Its are crap food. Fact: Cheez-Its aren't even a food really. More like a food product. Fact: In spite of the fact that I haven't eaten Cheez-Its in years, if I were stranded on a deserted island with only one kind of food, Cheez-Its would be right up there at the top of […] Read More

tangerine vinegar

Tangerine Vinegar

We've already addressed the fact that I tend to try ridiculous crazy potentially clever ideas with abandon. So it will come as no surprise to many of you that when I finished peeling and juicing tangerines for my Tangerine Triple Sec, instead of composting the waste, I decided to try making vinegar. Tangerine vinegar? Yeah, […] Read More

On the Bookshelf

I've been reading books to inspire my lifestyle lately and these really impressed me. Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter The idea of creating a productive urban farm in the less desirable parts of Oakland, California is mind boggling to me. But while the location freaks me out a little […] Read More

Patchwork Living Blogging Bee #19

Hosted by myself and Frugal Kiwi, the Patchwork Living Blogging Bee is our Internet version of a quilting bee. Each of our lives is a patchwork of what was passed down to us, what we find around us, and what people share with us. We hope that you’ll join us by adding a virtual “patch.” […] Read More