Kris Bordessa

New Potatoes: Harvested

Because "harvesting new potatoes" sounds so much better than "this is all we got thanks to that blasted disease that wiped out the plants," doesn't it?   […] Read More

July in the Garden

While you might think that "July" would be synonymous with "hot" or "sunshine" our summer has been sorely lacking in either of those. More than a month of near-daily rain has kept us damp and susceptible to powdery mildew, slugs, and failure to thrive. In spite of Mother Nature's lack of cooperation, we are having some […] Read More


Good Question: The Scoop on (Dog) Poop

Over on Facebook, Tricia asked, "What do the environmentally aware do to pick up dog poo in their backyards? I've always used plastic grocery bags, but I feel guilty! I have three big dogs and no shortage of poo to clean up!" I don't have a dog, so I posed the question to dog owners. I […] Read More

Radish Leaf Salad Dressing

Creamy Radish Leaf Salad Dressing

Sure, chickens love radish leaves, but it's a shame to let the chickens have all the fun. I harvested a bunch of radishes from the garden earlier today and saved some of the greens to try this. Consensus? Pretty tasty! Creamy Radish Leaf Salad Dressing Greens from one bunch of radishes (about 1 cup) 1 […] Read More

A Sweet Chick

I've kept chickens for more than 15 years and in all that time I've never had a chicken go broody and stick with it. Until now. This little girl hatched out today, a few days later than I'd expected her. We were unsure if the eggs from our Dutch Browns were fertile (they're not so […] Read More

pallet retaining wall with plants

Retain Yourself!

Sometimes you've just gotta get by with whatever works. Our front yard garden area is steep, as I've mentioned before. We're planning to install rock walls, but so far it's not exactly working out as planned. Last year at this time, my husband was working away from home so I tried my (failed) straw bale retaining wall experiment. […] Read More

cabbage moth

Combat Cabbage Whites in the Garden

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I proudly showed my grandma a wee sweet caterpillar. Instead of oohing and aahing over my find, Grandma snatched the wooly thing out of my hand and smashed it under foot. To her, it was simply a garden pest, but I was crushed. I like […] Read More

17 Plants on One Square Foot of Land

Grow 17 plants in one square foot with this easy DIY vertical garden!

Prepping for emergencies is important - don't get me wrong. But when we're talking about long term loss of service, we might be going about this all wrong.

100 Items to Disappear First

If we continue to lead a lifestyle that includes lots of packaged foods, convenience items, and pretzels (see list item 82), then sure, it's going to be hard to do without in the event of an emergency.


Know How: Harvesting Lettuce

Unless you're growing head lettuce, your greens can be a "cut and come again" crop. Instead of pulling the entire plant, thus ending the fresh salads, use scissors to cut off the outer leaves near the base of the plant. Leave the inner leaves intact and the entire plant will continue to grow. I've been […] Read More