Choose Unbleached Flour 3


The difference between bleached and unbleached flour in the final product (and cost) is negligible, but by purchasing the unbleached version you will eliminate chemicals and toxins from your food and our environment. Using chlorine, bromates, and peroxides in processing our food seems crazy, doesn’t it? Especially when there is a better alternative sitting right next to the bleached flour on the store shelf.

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3 thoughts on “Choose Unbleached Flour

  • Sheryl

    Good advice. So often we neglect to notice the difference right there in front of our eyes.

  • robinakagoatmom

    I switched to unbleached flour 30 years ago after making homemade bread and my dad commenting “Why doesn’t it taste the same as homemade when I was young?” Thinking bleached came along later than the 30’s was my thought. A few years after that I experimented with grinding my own wheat from a food coop when I was in college in the mid 70’s. Back again making most all our crackers, breads as my hubby is intolerant of commercial products and they make him wheeze. We have one bakery a few towns away that uses all unbromated, unbleached flour, he can eat their breads. Unbleached is better than bleached but still a lot of other stuff in that flour.

  • ina

    Thankyou and thanks to robinakagoatmom, I suffer digestive problems if I have too much wheat product will try grinding my own